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Tears were falling from my cheeks. I tried to pull myself together, but I just kept sobbing. Harry was on the verge of yelling. “How could you?! All I ever done was be a loyal, kind boyfriend!” He shouted from the drivers set. “I told you, Harry nothing happened! You just came in at the wrong time!” I said crying even harder now.

Join Alex and Harry has they find out their love story. Read on to find out what happens.


2. The Kiss (Harry's piont of view)



Chapter 2. The Kiss


(Harry’s Point of View)

“How could you?! All I ever done was be a loyal, kind boyfriend!” I shouted from the drivers set, but I knew that was a lie. I have been seeing Caroline for about a month now. “I told you, Harry nothing happened! You just came in at the wrong time!” Alex said crying even harder now. I have never seen Alex cry this much. I was starting to feel bad.


So, I pulled over the car and looked into her eyes. “Alex, I love you, all I want is the truth. Please tell me. I don’t want to hear your lies anymore!” I said trying to get the truth out. Alex took a deep breath and wiped her eyes. “Harry, all that happened was Louis and I were taking and then he kissed me.


I’m so sorry. I honestly tried to stop it. Please forgive me. Harry pleases!” As she was talking tears started to come again. I could always tell when she was lying and when I wasn’t. I put one finger on her chin, making look into my eyes. “Alex, I’m sorry for shouting. I don’t want to lose you, but Louis is my best friend, why would he something like that to me?”


I said looking down. “We got caught up in the moment, he never…” The sound of my phone ringing cut her off. “Hey, can you hand me that?” she grabbed the phone and looked at the screen before handing it to me. All a sudden she yelled, “Why are you talking to Caroline!” “I…Well” I had no good explication for what just happened.


I could see her opening the message. Her eyes were filling up with tears. “Harry,” She said. “Alex it’s not what you think! Let me explain!” I know exactly what she read. She now knows about Caroline and me. “ NO! Let me explain what happened between Louis and me first. Then you will take me home!” She yelled, while tears coming down like a waterfall.


I nodded and she told him everything that happened. “I’m sorry Harry. I never meant for this to happen.” Now I need to tell her the truth. “Alex you shouldn’t be the one to be sorry, I should.” “Harry, what are you saying? Tell me why you were talking to Caroline!” Tears actually were started to come down. I was crying. I managed to say, “Alex… I had sex with her. I’m so sorry!” “TAKE ME HOME!” She said madly. “Alex, I’m so sor..”


“TAKE ME HOME!!!!” She yelled at the top of her lungs. We drove to her house and she slammed the car door while getting out. She only looking back to say, “I hope you know it’s over between us for good! Now you can have Caroline as your girlfriend and not worry about me getting in the way!”


I didn’t move a muscle. My hear dropped, the one girl I actually loved is gone and it’s my entire fault. I saw her in the window looking down at me. She gave me the middle finger and disappeared. All I could think about is what if never meant Caroline in the first place then this would never happened, but I knew that it was my fault and not the other way around. I pulled out my phone and sent a text to Alex.


*Alex, please! I need you, can we talk? Please! * I waited for a text back, but she sent nothing. I quickly called up Louis, even though he did kiss my girlfriend he still was my best friend and I needed he now. “Harry, I’m sorry about kissing Alex. It just happened.” “Louis I don’t care about that anymore… Alex found out about Caroline.” I could feel tears rusting down my cheeks. “Harry, everything will be fine.”


“No, Louis they won’t. I messed up badly. She won’t talk to me, she said we’re over.” “Well, maybe she will talk to me.” “Louis you would do that for me?” “Yeah, let me call her. Bye Harry.” “Bye, Louis.” I could hear Alex’s phone ringing. “Louis?” She said sounding confused.  “Alex, I know what Harry did was wrong, but he needs you. He won’t stop crying and he is a mess. Please forgive him!”


“Louis I’m sorry, I still love him, but I can’t be with anymore. How will I trust him?” “Ok, But think about it, please” “I will, night!” She hung up first. I needed to talk to her. So I called her. “Harry, I just talked to Louis, I’m not going to get back together it’s over!” She said about to hang up. “Alex, I get it, what I did was wrong and was selfish.


You shouldn’t trust.” “Yes, Harry it was.” Without even thinking I said, “Alex, I will never bother you again, just please come over so we can talk, please.” “Ok, but this is the last time!” I started my engine again and drove to my house, as fast as I could.



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