Our Story

Tears were falling from my cheeks. I tried to pull myself together, but I just kept sobbing. Harry was on the verge of yelling. “How could you?! All I ever done was be a loyal, kind boyfriend!” He shouted from the drivers set. “I told you, Harry nothing happened! You just came in at the wrong time!” I said crying even harder now.

Join Alex and Harry has they find out their love story. Read on to find out what happens.


5. I'll Never Leave you (Harr's piont of view)


Chapter 5. I’ll Never Leave You


(Harry’s point of view)

          “Alex talk to me! I need to know your ok!” The hand that was holding my shirt hit the ground and her eyes closed. I couldn’t speak; all I could do was cry. I put my head on my chest and cried. I heard the ambulances coming down the stair.


I wiped my eyes and tried to be brave, for Alex’s sake. Two doctors put Alex on a grail and the other one was talking to me. “Do you know what happened, son?” I cried sentinel and answered “I believe she feel down the stairs, that’s all she told me on the phone.” “Ok, thanks for your help.” I wiped my eyes one more time before talking again.


“Would it be ok if I ride with her?” “Sure.” I watched Alex get put into the ambulances, blood dripped down her arm. I held her hand half way to the hospital. About half way there Alex twitched and then once more. She arched her back so she was facing one of the doctors I scrammed in hoarer. The doture pushed me out of the way. “Alex!” I yelled. Trying to push my through the nurse and doctors. “She’s having a segue. Give her room.” I stood there powerless, shaking so villainy that I fell to the floor of the ambulances in pain.


The nurse came and tried to claim me down. I was scramming “Don’t hurt her!” Over and over again. When we finally got to the hospital Alex’s mom was there. I guess someone call her. I looked down not able to speak to her without breaking down and crying. It took hours to operate on her, but they were able to fix her up. When it was finally ok for me to come back in I sat down on a car right next to her. I felt a hand on my shoulder.


 I looked back and saw Liam looking down at me. “Harry, are you ok?” He spoke quite enough for only me to hear him. “I don’t know.” I said with a tear running down my face. Liam pulled me into a hug and we just stood there. Me crying on Liam’s shoulder and Liam holding me. The door opened again. Niall came in this time. Niall looked at Alex and let one tear run down his cheek. “I’m sorry Harry. You must really hurt.” Niall said not taking his eye off Alex. “Thank for coming mate. It means a lot.” I wiped my eyes and sat back down I the chair.


(Alex’s point of view)

I could hear Liam, Niall, and Harry, but couldn’t see them. I opened one eye and then the other. I managed to spite out one word. “Hhh…. Harry?” All eyes were on me. “Alex, I’m here. What do you need?” Harry’s voice was creaky like he has been crying. “I don’t need anything, but you.” I said closing my eyes again. I could feel the warmth of Harry’s skin on mine. I smiled and opened my eyes. I heard the door close, Liam and Niall left.


“You have no idea how much I’ve missed your beautiful voice.” He said with tears falling form his eyes. “Why are you crying?” I said putting my hand on his face. “I thought I was going to lose y..” I kissed him; I didn’t want to have him say it. He pulled away and smile dimples and all. “I love you!” He said. “I love you too.” Everything was perfect. I had Harry back and we couldn’t be closer. “Alex, if it’s ok with you, I was wondering if you want to start staying at my house.” Harry started to get a little red. “Mmm, well Harry. I don’t know.”


He looked back up at me and kissed my again. “I just don’t want to leave your side. I left you once and this happened. I can’t forgive myself for leaving you.” “Harry lesions to me! YOU DID NOTHING WRONG! I got hurt because I wasn’t watching where I was going! I don’t ever want you to balm yourself ever again!” I yelled at him. “Alex, claim down. It’s ok, I’m here and I won’t leave you. Ok?” Harry grabbed my hand and kissed it. “I’m sorry. I just hate it when you balm yourself for things that you didn’t do. Wait?” I said this wheal shrunken up my noise. Harry took one look at me and said, “What is it. Alex are you ok?”


“Yeah, I’m fine, but when you asked me if I would like to move into your place you asked my if ‘it was ok with ME’ even if I say yes you would still have to ask my mom.” Harry bite his lip and smiles. “I already did. And she said it was a good idea.” I was speak less my mom was letting me move in with Harry. I gulped and then spoke “Harry, you know that you’re my everything and I would do anything for you, but I want the best for you. I don’t want you to be distracted during you tour.”


“Is that what you think? That you’re a distracted! I might think about you every single second, but if your not there with me that’s when I can’t focus. So yes if we weren’t dating you would be the biggest distraction ever!” He shouted at me. “When do I get out of here?” “Tomorrow.” Harry whispered. “Ok so tomorrow will you help me pack?” I smiled as saying this. Harry smiled. “Zayn and Louis are doing this tonight with my help.” “Ok, only if you do my clothes. I don’t want them going through my clothes.” We both giggled and then we went silent when Niall came back in.

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