Our Story

Tears were falling from my cheeks. I tried to pull myself together, but I just kept sobbing. Harry was on the verge of yelling. “How could you?! All I ever done was be a loyal, kind boyfriend!” He shouted from the drivers set. “I told you, Harry nothing happened! You just came in at the wrong time!” I said crying even harder now.

Join Alex and Harry has they find out their love story. Read on to find out what happens.


3. Harry's House (Alex's piont of view)


Chapter 3. Harry’s house


(Alex’s point of view)

As I walked to my car, I dropped my keys and noticed something red on the porch. I got my keys and went back to the porch to investigate. Once I got there, I realized what it was. In the beginning of our date, Harry gave me a rose and kissed my on the cheek. I could feel my eye fill with water. The memory, made me sad because I knew I was never going to find someone like Harry ever again. I quickly walked to my car, and started it. I put my favorite song on, Wonder wall.


I hummed long with the song. I turned it off as soon as I got to the chorus. It remained me of Harry; he would sing it to me whenever I put it on. I finally drove into Harry’s driveway. He was sitting on the porch, with his head down. I don’t think he saw me because, he shock his head and got up and headed for the door.


I got out of the car and said “Harry, I’m here.” He turned around and ran over to me. “I’m so sorry.” He was crying again. I pulled him into my arms. “Harry, I can’t be with you, I will never stop loving you.” He wrapped his arms around my waste; I put my head on chest. Everything started to feel like old times. Harry pulled away and grabbed my hand, leading me into his house. We sat on the couch, just staring at each other for what it seems forever. When Harry finally spoke.


“Alex, you are my life. I’m nothing with out you. Please be mine again.” I looked down knowing that if I looked into his eye I would start crying. “I can’t.” “Please,” Harry cupped my face in his hands and gave me the softest most passionate kiss I have ever had. Not pull away we kiss for what it seems a lifetime. He pulled away and looked in another direction from me. “Please?” He said with the most cutes puppy dogface he has ever made. “I don’t know, I want to say yes, but I can’t trust you.


What’s stopping you from going with all those beautiful girls yelling your name?” I looked at the floor again. “Do you want to knew why I don’t go with them?” He said trying to make me look at him. “Yes.” I muttered “I don’t go with those beautiful girls because I have the most beautiful, smartest, funny, girl in my arm, well in my living room. I love you, Alex. Please take me back.” I could help, but start to cry.


Harry wrapped his arms around me. “I love you, Harry.” Harry whisper into my ear “So dose that mean you take me back?” I pushed him down on the couch, so he was lying down. “Yes.” His face flight up. “I will never look at around girl again as long as I have you.”


He said then he kissed my neck, pulling away to make sure this was fine with me. “Is this ok?” I touch my neck from where he just kissed me. I got up and looked at the clocked. “2:00!” I shout looking back at Harry. “It’s later we should go to bed.” “Wait!” I said sounding confused “I mean if you want you could stay here, you can sleep in my bed and I’ll sleep on the couch.”

He said look embarrassed. “I’ll need to make sure with my mom first, but other wise that would be fine.” I looked for my phone, but remember I left at home. “Harry, I left my phone it at home.” Now I looked embarrassed. He handed me his phone. Looking at his phone remained me about Caroline. Tears started to down my cheek.


Harry took notice, and wiped them away. “We’re never going to be the same. Are we?” He looked disappointed at himself. “I’m sorry, I messed up everything.” I grabbed his hand and said, “Time is all that we need. We will heal in time. Trust me.” He kissed my forehead and said, “You always know what to say.” “I know.” We both laughed pulled away from each other. “Harry, I think I should go home.” I looked at him nervously, hoping he would be fine with it. “Ok, whatever you need right.” I yawned and hugged him good night.


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