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Tears were falling from my cheeks. I tried to pull myself together, but I just kept sobbing. Harry was on the verge of yelling. “How could you?! All I ever done was be a loyal, kind boyfriend!” He shouted from the drivers set. “I told you, Harry nothing happened! You just came in at the wrong time!” I said crying even harder now.

Join Alex and Harry has they find out their love story. Read on to find out what happens.


6. Don't Cry

Don't Cry 

(This chapter is not going to be very long or good. Sorry)


“I’m glad to see you talking again.” Niall said with a little laugh. “Come here, Niall!” I said happily. He stood right next to Harry, just looking at me. “Well, are you going to hug me, or what?” Niall leaned forward and kissed my on the head. I blinked a couple time, in astonishment. “Niall?” That is all I could say. “Alex, I’m going to go get Liam and the other boys. Stay here.” Niall said pointing to the door.


“As if I could move!” I giggled out. Harry smile. Niall close the door and Harry looked right at me. We both busted out laughing. Then Harry got all serious. “Harry, are you ok?” “No,” I looked at him and touch his face again, but he pushes my hand off. “Harry?” He got up and felt the room. I wanted to run after him, but I couldn’t. Liam came back into the room. “What just happened?” Liam said pointing to Harry in the window. “I don’t know, Niall came in, he kissed my forehead and we laughed and then he left.” I felt like crying, but I healed it in.


“He’s still shaken up. He couldn’t stop crying last night. He says it was the worst day of his life.” I couldn’t keep it in anymore. I started to cry like no tomorrow. Liam cradled my in his arms. “It’s ok.” Liam whispered into my ear. “No, everything is not ok! I drove Harry away.” I yelled. Liam pulled away. “Drove Harry away? All you’ve done is brought him closer! He’s just scared, ok? He’s not superman, you know. He has feeling too!” Liam yelled at me. He got up and walked out the door. I sat there crying. 30 minutes past and the Zayn came in with about 15 balloons and a teddy bear.


He walked over to the chair where Harry was sitting in and put everything on it. I wiped my eyes and then asked him, “Zayn, Have you seen Harry?” “Yeah, He’s in the his car, talking to Louis.” I looked at the floor. “Is he crying?” “Well, how are you feeling?” I looked up and smile thankfully. “I feel fine. Can you ask one of the nurse if I could go home earlier?” Zayn smiled happily. “Sure!” He rubbed my head and walked out the door.


I looked around the room and saw a very filmier looking phone. I reached over to get it. It was Niall’s phone. I was going to put it down, but a text came onto the screen. I opened it. It was a text form Harry. *Niall can you go and check on Alex? * I called Harry. “Niall, Can you check on Alex? Thanks mate.” “Harry, Niall left his phone in my room. I’m so sorry. Please come back into my room?” “Alex?” “Yes?” I could hear him start to cry. “I can’t, I just can’t.” “Why? Why Harry?” He didn’t answer instead he hung up the phone.


Zayn came running back into the room. “Guess what!” Zayn scrammed. “What?” I said laughing. “You can go home!!!” My eyes winded! “Zayn, Thank you so much.” I was over joined that I could go home. But it quickly faded when I remember Harry couldn’t even look at me with out crying. How was I going to live with him? “What is it, Alex?” I guess Zayn could tell something was wrong. “Nothing its just..” The door opening cut me of. It was Harry.


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