One Direction vs. Big Time Rush

everyone is always saying one or the other is better. Now the answer will be revealed


6. Up all night

Okay so Susie finally said yes to being on the interview Show again. The whole night before she was Trying to figure out what answer would be the best for her. The anxiety was eating at her. Trying to figure out which band was better was the worst thing anyone could've ever tried to do. She felt like the most hated girl in the world. nobody ever could know what she was going through right now. It was kind of ironic because she was literally up all night and by the time she stumbled into the studio she felt like her head was going to explode because of this massive headache. When her senses came to her she realized that one direction and big time Rush was there to greet her. They were all so nice to her but they didn't realize how much emotional drama they were getting her into. The manager came running through and said " five minutes till showtime everybody!" Susie was basically trembling when they called her out onto the stage again. Déjà vu moment she felt like she was going to faint. Again. If it wasn't bad enough everybody at school was already Making fun of her. Some days when she got home she just felt like crying and disappearing from the face of the earth. All of those moments finally caught up with her once she sat Down on the stage. All the rage and anger and sadness burst out of her. Between sobs and breaths she managed to scream " how could you did you know how much this is ruining my life!?!"
The whole audience gasped as if they were so surprised that she said that. If they were in her position they would know how much it was true. Instead of putting themselves in her shoes they just sat there in awe as if she is just chop the head off of the president. She was filled with embarrassment as she ran off of the stage.
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