One Direction vs. Big Time Rush

everyone is always saying one or the other is better. Now the answer will be revealed


5. The commercial brake

Suzanne felt the world collapse around her. She was asked who was better. To her the question was equivilant to who would you rather be hated by the rushers or directioners. It was terrible. She felt the whole world spinning in her head ant then she blacked out.

"Suzy, SUZY!!!!!" her mom shouted "Doctor. we need a doctor! She opened her eyes!"

"Mom?" Suzy said "What happened?"

Suzanne's nickname was Suzy. she perferred it to Suzanne. Suzy went on her laptop and wrote on her blog "I'm ok. i don't know if you guys saw me black out on that show, but im fine now."

Suzy checked out of the hospital the day after she woke up. She was glad to be out of there. She was invited back on the show to answer the question, but she said not yet. Every day for a week she went to her secret spot in the woods and thought about what her answer would be. She knew what her preference was, but she was trying to figure out what answer would be better for her. She did NOT want to be the cause of an angry mob.

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