One Direction vs. Big Time Rush

everyone is always saying one or the other is better. Now the answer will be revealed


2. Big Time rush's Ditch Day

"Hey Kendall," Carlos asked " I am going to bungie jump off of Roque Records, do you wanna come with?" 

"Are you CRAZY?" Kendall asked "You are gonna kill yourself! I'm not going."

"Ok, are you going by yourself or is James and logan coming with you?"

"James is coming with me. Logan said you and him will bail us out of prison when we get caught. like thats gonna happen." Carlos said

Logan and Kendall were playing video games when the phone rang.  Kendall and Logan rushed to the Hollywood police department where James and Carlos were locked in the holding cell waiting for the bail.

 It turns out that the bungee cords snapped and they landed on a car and got arrested, but guess who else who was in the holding cell. ONE DIRECTION!

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