One Direction vs. Big Time Rush

everyone is always saying one or the other is better. Now the answer will be revealed


1. One direction's day off

"What do you want to do during our day off?" Niall said while the band was chilling in their crib.

"Maybe we should walk around Hollywood!" Harry says " I mean, why go to hollywood and not go sightseeing?"

The band takes a limo into hollywood and starts walking around. They went to see the hollywood sign, take a studio tour, and they walked down Hollywood boulevard. They even saw the Capitol records building.

They ate at a standard McDonalds because Nialler was super hungry. Liam and Zayn ate at a panda express. They got bored so they started running around Hollywood like total maniacs. The Hollywood police caught them and took them to jail until their manager could bail them out.

Louis was angry that they got arrested. it was the first thing that he did wrong. he started crying in the cell. Their manager called and said he got caught up in traffic and would be there in a couple hours.

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