Jay Lawson`s life was turned upside down when his older sister Bailey died in a car crash when her was ten. After six years of grieving, hardship, and sadness Jay has started to become the boy he was before. But a familiar face pops up and his life is changed forever................


1. The light at the end of........ detention

" Ah, James Lawson. You`re back. I thought you`d stopped being tardy. I guess old habits never die." Mrs Hash said looking at my detention slip. I gave her a cold look.  I took my slip out of her hand and walked down the middle of the seats to my special desk: the one near the window. I put my bag under the desk and slumped in my chair. I slid my Manga-style note book and my pen  from my bag and threw them on the desk. I was in the middle of drawing the last panel of my graphic novel Beast. I saw a wrinkly hand slap my book. I looked up. It was Mrs Hash again. What does she want this time i thought. 

"Detention is for reflecting, not drawing. You would know that wouldn`t you James?" she said doing her very annoying smile.

"Detention is also a time to talk to delinquents like me, not for watching Pretty Little Liars on the school computer. You would know that wouldn`t you Mrs Hash?: i said smiling. She gave me the death stare and walked back to her desk. I continued my drawings quietly. With every pen stroke i fell more and more into a vortex of colours and patterns until i was not in reality. I felt myself sinking deeper and deeper into it..........................

"James Lawson! Wake up!" a voice boomed. I sat up abruptly. It was Mr Curtis the maths teacher. I looked at my desk. There was a small pool of water on my notebook. I touched the corner of my mouth. It was wet. I wiped the note book and my face and looked at him. The girls behind him giggled.

"Detention finished one hour ago." he said annoyed. i looked at my watch: 5:50pm. I grabbed my notebook and pen and frantically stuffed them in my bag. 

"I`m sorry about that Mr Curtis!" i said quickly. I ran out of the room speedily. I sprintied down the hall until i reached the closed school gates

"Oh come on!" i said out loud like someone was here. The gate was covered in poison ivy and nettles. There was a metal band three meters up the gate. Am i this desperate? i thought. I looked at my watch again. It was now 6:10pm. Note to self: never draw in detention again i thought. I touched the gate cautiously. I felt a sharp pain in my hand.

"Yikes! that hurts!" i exclaimed.  I bite my lip hard and push on the palm of my hand. I grab the gate again and pull myself up. I sit on the gate calmly. I mouth three two one. I jump off the top onto the ground with a hard thud. My hand was bleeding and my ankle was throbbing. I pulled out my phone and called my mum. She wasn`t happy to hear from me.

"Where on Earth have you been?" she shouted. Sweat dripped down my forehead  which was luckily covered by my fringe.

"I can explain Mum." i said worriedly. I walked frantically down the street hoping nobody would see me. You knew this would happen i said in my head. Bailey knew this would happened. 

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