Baby you light up my world like nobody else

Nicole Sampson is going to Florida to stay with her dad for the summer. After her resent discovery that her boyfriend cheated on her she makes herself a promise not to fall in love for the summer. But when she meets One Direction's Harry Styles while shopping in the mall everything changes. Will she give this love a chance or keep her heart closed?


5. That Was Perfect

Nicole's POV~

I stepped and opened at door.  When Harry saw me his jaw dropped, and I blushed and looked at the ground.  Harry's hand lifted my chin up gently as he looked at me smiling.  "Your beautifull when you blush.  Don't try to hide it."  He said softly, it was almost a whisper.  "Oh your just being nice." I say smiling at his kind words.  "No I'm not,  your beautiful.  Don't forget that." He said taking my hand in his.  I innertwined our fingers together, and looked up to see Harry smiling.  "Shall we go?'' I asked after just standing there for a minute.  "Oh yeah sorry!"  He laughs leading me out the door.  He opens the car door for me and I get in the passenger side.  "So do you mind telling me where this date is gonna be?" I asked breaking our five minute silence.  But it wasn't an awkward silence, but a relaxing one.  "If I told you it wouldn't be as much fun now would it?"  He said smiling at me.  I couldn't help but smile back.  After about fifthteen more minutes of talking we finally arrived at the most beautiful place in the world.  We were parked at the top of a coast so we could see the full veiw of the beach.  "Wow this is beautiful!"  I get out of the car.  "I know you are." He says softly.  It's dark so I can only make out his shadow.  But I felt strong arms wrap around my waist.  I look at and smile at Harry bu I'm pretty sure he can't see me smile.  "I brought food, just in case you didn't eat dinner."  He says taking my hand and leading me to a blanket set on the ground.  We eat and talk about everything from family, to friends, to deep personal secrets.  When we get up I walk to the edge and stand looking out over the water.  Harry walks over and wraps me into a hug and I turn and face him.  "This was the best date I ever had, just thought I'd tell you." He says softly leaning in so our forheads are touching.  "Me too, I really had fun.  I really like you Harry, now that I know about you and not just "Harry Styles"."  I said.  "I like you too, more then you know."  He says.  And he slowly leans in until our lips gently touch.

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