Baby you light up my world like nobody else

Nicole Sampson is going to Florida to stay with her dad for the summer. After her resent discovery that her boyfriend cheated on her she makes herself a promise not to fall in love for the summer. But when she meets One Direction's Harry Styles while shopping in the mall everything changes. Will she give this love a chance or keep her heart closed?


1. Leaving Home

Nicole's POV~

"Nicole wake up! You have to get to the airport!" I open my eyes after hearing my mom call me.  Today's the day when I finally get to go to my dads house in Ft Lauderdale Florida. Ever since my parents go a divorce three years ago I go to spend the whole summer with my dad every year.  I slowy sit up and look around my purple room.  Throwing the covers off me I get up and walk over to my Mirror.  My long hair was flying in all directions. I sigh and start to brush it. After I finish my hair I walk into my walk in closet and pick out my clothes: Strapless yellow sundress, nude pumps, and a nude clutch to match my shoes. I smile at my reflection and deside to add some blue hope earings.  I don't even bother putting on makeup beacase I barley where it anyway.  I can't stand staying with my mom, but she wanted me more than my dad.  But he sad it would be better for me to come in the summer anyway.  I walk down stairs into the kitchen to grab breakfast.  I hear my mom taking a buisness call from the living room.  Since we live in Los Angles my mom is the manager of a few singers. Avril Lavigne is my favorite singer my mom manages.  I grab a bananna and sit at the table.  "Hey honey, I can't take you to the airport today. Avril called and she needs some help at the studio. I'm so sorry." My mom says as she walks into the kitchen.  I sigh, "Well I didn't expect you to be able to take me anyway."   "Listen sweetie, do you like this house? I need to work for it. I'm sorry I don't get around to talk to you as much as I should." She says with tears brimming her blue eyes.  I take after my mom when it comes down to looks, but personality wise im my dads child.  "Look mom you say sorry everyday but you don't do anything about it.  I'll call a cab." I say getting up to throw my banana peel away.  My mom sighs and walks out of the kitchen.  I call a cab and within fifthteen minutes it arrives.  "Bye honey, call me every once and a while ok?'' My mom says hugging my tightly.  "I will.  Have fun working." I say hugging her back.  When we pull away I grab my bags and walk outside into the June sunshine.  Three months in Florida.  I get into the cab while the guy puts the bags in the back.  "Airport please." I tell him once he gets into the cab.  "Sure thing Miss." He says as we start to drive away.  I can't wait to get there.  After the twenty minute drive to the airport we finally get there.  I already ordered my tickets online so I just walk past the ticket counter.  I sit in one of the chairs and start texting my best friend in Florida. I'll get to see her too.

Phone Convo~

Me:Heyyyyyy :) Waiting at the airport!! Soon I'll see you <3

Emma:Yeah so pumped! Lets go to the beach as soon as you unpack!!

Me:Well can we go shopping and then hit the beach? I need a bathing suit :(

Emma:Sure thing!  Well I g2g :( I'll see ya in about 6 hours!


End of convo

After I put my phone away I heard my plane get called so I made my way through the huge crowd of people.  After I get onto the plane I put my ear buds in and fall asleep to One Direction's Gotta Be You.

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