Baby you light up my world like nobody else

Nicole Sampson is going to Florida to stay with her dad for the summer. After her resent discovery that her boyfriend cheated on her she makes herself a promise not to fall in love for the summer. But when she meets One Direction's Harry Styles while shopping in the mall everything changes. Will she give this love a chance or keep her heart closed?


3. I met Harry Styles?

Once we get to the mall we hear the faint sound of screaming girls from inside but we ignore it and just walk into the other part where we couldn't hear the girls.  "So where to? You pick first Nicole." Emma says breaking my attention away from the boots I was looking at in Journeys.  "Can we go into Journeys and look at shoes? I really like those boots!" I say pointing at them.  "Sure! I like them too." Emma says exitedly walking into the store ahead of me.  I walk into the store after and walk over to the boots and try them on.  They fit perfectly!  I look at them out once more : They are pink and white ankle boots.  I look around for Emma and find her flirting the clerk.  I sigh.  Typical Emma, always flirting.  She reminds me of Harry from One Direction but in girl form.  I walk over the the other checkout counter and pay for the boots.  I really don't go all out when I shop, I get what I need and go.  Once Emma is done with her five minute flirting with the clerk she comes back with his number.  "He told me to call him later!" She says exitedly.  "Thats great Em!  Now can we go grab some food? I didn't eat in like forever!" I say laughing as she jumps around happily.  "Yeah sure! I'll pick where we eat though." She says leading me to the food court.  "We are eating at subway!" She annouces leading the way.  "Thats cool. I need to go to the bathroom so order me the usual chicken thingy. And hold my bag!" I say handing her my bag and walking to the restroom.  I guess I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking because as soon I looked up I bumped into someone and fell on the ground.  "I'm sorry, let me help you up." Says a strong british accent. I know that accent!  It's Harry Styles's accent!  "No it's my fault I wasn't looking where I was going." I say after he helps me up.  ''So what are you doing in Florida?" I ask.  "Me and the boys are doing some recording over here.  It's really nice here.  I assume you live here?" He asks smiling that smile that makes girls(including me) melt.  "No your half right.  I come here every summer for three months to see my dad since my parents got a divorce three years ago." I tell him.  "Oh I'm sorry to hear that.  My parents divorced when I was seven, I know it's hard.  He says smiling.  "I have to get back to my friend. It was really nice meeting you Harry." I say about to walk away.  "Wait whats your name?" He asks quickly.  "Nicole and heres my number.  Call me sometime." I say handing him my number.  "Will do!  Bye Nicole!" He says as I start walking away.  Now I have to tell Emma.....

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