Baby you light up my world like nobody else

Nicole Sampson is going to Florida to stay with her dad for the summer. After her resent discovery that her boyfriend cheated on her she makes herself a promise not to fall in love for the summer. But when she meets One Direction's Harry Styles while shopping in the mall everything changes. Will she give this love a chance or keep her heart closed?


6. I love you

Harry's POV~

When we pulled away, I realised something.  I loved Nicole.  After getting to know her, she's a great person.  And she likes me for me, not Harry Styles from One Direction.  Just as Harry.  And that's how I liked it.  "So... I still have one last question before we go." I say when we're done cleaning up the picnic.  "Which is?" She asks pulling her sweater tigher  around her.  She was cold.  I took off my jacket and drapped it over her shoulders.  "Oh no Styles, I don't want you to be cold." She starts to take off my jacket, but I put my hand on she shoulder, keeping that half of the jacket on her.

"Please wear it, I don't want you getting sick.  And don't worry about me, we are leaving in a few minutes anyways.  Please for your boyfriend?" I ask the last part with a smile on my face.  "Boy friend?" She asks smiling a little.  "Yeah, thats what I wanted to ask you.  So Nicole, will you be my girlfriend?"  I ask pulling a rose from behind my back and handing it to her.  "Oh Harry, of course I will!" She exclaims while taking the rose out of my hand and hugging me. I hugged her tightly, like it was the last time we'd ever see eachother.  "Thank you." She says softly as we pull apart.  "For what?" I push a strand of hair behind her ear.  "For taking me here, for caring about me, for everything.  I love you so much." She says as we get into the car. 

She loves me, SHE loves ME.  I was so exited I could barly choke out "I love you too babe."  But I did.  I saw her blush, how cute is this girl?  And she;s all mine.  We drive the rest of the way in silence, but a nice one.  When I pull up at her house I notice that she must have fallen asleep on the way here.  As quietly as I can I unbuckle my seat belt and get out of the car.  I open her door and unbuckle her seatbelt and lift her into my arms.  She's so cute when shes sleeping.  After walking into the unlocked house I see her dad left a note.


By the time your reading this I will be asleep.  I just wanted to say I love you and goodnight!

Dad xoxo

That was nice.  I walk a little farther down the hallway and find her room.  Gently, I lay her in her bed and pull the covers over her.  "Night babe, sleep tight. I love you." I whisper, kissing her forehead gently.  As a drove home I realized just how lucky I was to have her.  And when I fell asleep, I had dreams about Nicole.

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