Baby you light up my world like nobody else

Nicole Sampson is going to Florida to stay with her dad for the summer. After her resent discovery that her boyfriend cheated on her she makes herself a promise not to fall in love for the summer. But when she meets One Direction's Harry Styles while shopping in the mall everything changes. Will she give this love a chance or keep her heart closed?


4. First Date <3

Harry's POV~  That girl is beautiful!  I really wanted to text her but I didn't want to text her to soon.  It's been fiftheen minutes but I don't want to sound desperate... Oh who am I kidding, I am.  I grab my phon and put her name in my contact list.  Before I think I send her a quick hi.  Oh great what if she thinks I'm desperate?  Then I hear my ringtone, once I pull my phone out I see that Nicole texted me.  Phone Convo:  Me:Hey Nicole sorry if you thought that it was to soon to text but I wanted to say hi :).  Nicole: No it's fine! I was gonna text u anyways ;).  Me: Well do you maybe wanna hang out tonight?  Nothing fancy just dinner and a movie... If you don't want to thats totally fine.  Nicole:  Sure I'd love to!  Me:  Great!  Wear some thing nice but not to fancy for the dinner and maybe you can bring sweats for later.  I'll pick you up at 7 if thats ok.  Nicole:  Ok heres nmy address by the way :) My dads apartment is on the thrid floor room 15!  See ya then :) end of convo.  I can't wait for seven but it's only 4 so I still have two hours to wait before I pick her up.  I hope she's exited too.

Nicole's POV~  I'm so exited for this date!  I didn't think he would honestly even text me but he did!  Now I have to find the perfect outfit.  When I told Emma about my date with Harry she completely flipped, but in a good way!  I could tell she was happy for me!  Once I got back to the apartment I ran right into my room and started to get ready.  After trying on three dresses I finally found the right one, even if it took awhile.  It was a light blue and tightly hugged my curves, and had a little blue sash and it came to right above my knees.  Then after I get dressed I walk over to my mirror and decide what I'm going to do with my hair.  After about five mintues I decide to just straighten it.  When I straighten my hair it makes it look a little longer than it reall is, so now it almost reaches my bum.  I decide to go very light on the makeup, so I get put on mascarra and a little white eye shadow.  I finish getting ready at 6:55 so I sit on the ouch to try to calm my nerves.  I don't know why Harry asked me out, I mean I'm normal.  Not pretty but not ugly either, not fat but not skinny either.  Just normal.  I'm snapped out of my thoughs by a knock on the door.  I get up and take a deep breath and open the door.

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