Summer and Niall have been best friends for practically their entire life. He recently has wanted to ask out Summer but she hasn't showed any intrest. When Summer meets Niall's new friends, will she fall for one of them instead of Niall or does she secretly love Niall just as much as he loves her?

(If you've already read this before, I changed there ages in the first chapter from 14 to 16 because some things didn't add up right! Sorry!)


10. No school

Summer's P.O.V.

I can't believe I just tried to have sex with Liam. I never even thought about losing my virginity anytime soon! He must think I'm a slut. Oh no. This is terrible. I really like Liam and I just ruined everything! Hopefully he'll forget about it and we can move on... but who can forget about something like that?? Liam dropped me off at my front door. "Bye." He said and stepped close to me. Our bodies were touching and I could feel him breathing. He looked into my eyes and I looked into his. I stood on my tip toes and pecked him on the lips. "See you tomorrow." I said. I tried to act flirty but I just felt stupid. Oh well. I walked inside and went to the living room couch. I collapsed in the the corner and fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up and looked around me. I had slept the whole night on the couch! i checked my phone. It was 7:12! I ran upstairs, put on yoga pants and a hoodie, put my hair in a messy bun, grabbed my bookbag, and called Niall to come pick me up. No answer. Then I called Liam. I knew by now the bus had come; it normally comes around 6:30 so I needed someone to come pick me up. Liam answered. "Hello?" He said. It sounded like he had been asleep. "Liam! Liam! I need you to come get me for school! I can't be late! Please hurry!" "Summer? We don't have school today remeber? It's a teacher work day." "Oh my god Liam I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to wake you up!" Oops. No school today. Now I was really embarresed!! "Why don't we hang out today? You can come over to my house again." Liam said. "Okay! Can you come pick me up?" "Yeah I'll be there in 2 hours. I need to finish sleeping first" Liam said then laughed. "K! Sorry!" I said. I felt so bad about waking him up! I went upstairs and got in the shower. Then I put on jean shorts and a cute tank top. Then I curled my hair and did my makeup and went to wait for Liam to come.

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