Summer and Niall have been best friends for practically their entire life. He recently has wanted to ask out Summer but she hasn't showed any intrest. When Summer meets Niall's new friends, will she fall for one of them instead of Niall or does she secretly love Niall just as much as he loves her?

(If you've already read this before, I changed there ages in the first chapter from 14 to 16 because some things didn't add up right! Sorry!)


9. Liam's House

Liam's P.O.V.

Summer wanted to stay out longer with me so I suggested we go to my house. My parents are both gone, my dad goes on business trips a lot and my mom went with him this time. We pulled up into the driveway and went inside the house. All the lights were off and I couldn't see anything. Finally, I found the lightswtich and turned all the lights on. "Wow." Summer said. We had a fairly large home and my mom was always decorating it and cleaning. I was used to it but it must seem like a house out of a magazine for Summer. I laughed. "Come on." I said and grabbed her hand. We walked into the kitchen and I put our food away. Then I took her up to the theatre room so we could watch a movie. "What do you want to watch?" I asked her. "Whatever you have." She said. "Superman??" I asked. "Sure." She said. I put the movie in and sat down next to Summer. She was watching closely for about an hour until she looked over and noticed I wasn't watching. I had been too busy staring at her. "Sorry!" I said. "It's fine" She said. I kissed her for the first time and she kissed me back. Her lips were soft and warm. She was so beautiful and I can't believe I'm with her right now. She started to pull me on top of her and kissed me more passionately. I kissed back but we were starting to get a little too serious. This was the first time we had kissed and she was already trying to turn it into sex. "I'm not ready." I told her. "Neither am I. Sorry." She said. "Ready to go home?" "Yeah." She said. We turned the movie off and I drove Summer home.

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