Summer and Niall have been best friends for practically their entire life. He recently has wanted to ask out Summer but she hasn't showed any intrest. When Summer meets Niall's new friends, will she fall for one of them instead of Niall or does she secretly love Niall just as much as he loves her?

(If you've already read this before, I changed there ages in the first chapter from 14 to 16 because some things didn't add up right! Sorry!)


11. Day With Liam

Summer's P.O.V.

Liam came to pick me up around 9:30, just like he said. I invited him in and we sat down on the couch to talk. "So what do you want to do today Princess Summer?" He asked. I giggled and playfully pushed him. "Anything you want Prince Liam!" I said. "How about this?" He asked and picked me up bridal style. He spun me around until I felt like I was going to puke so I yelled at him to stop. "Sorry love." He said. He put me back down on the couch and sat next to me. I leaned forward and started to kiss him. I let his tounge enter into my mouth. He moaned and then pulled away a little to breathe. Then we started kissing again. It was amazing. I heard the front door open and close then saw someone walk in. "Hey Summer sorry I didn't answer your call I was asle-" Niall stopped dead in his tracks. Liam and I were making out. And Niall had seen the whole thing.

Liam's P.O.V.

This is not good. At all. I had promised Niall I would stay away from Summer and instead I sat on her couch making out with her. And he watched. I pulled away from Summer as fast as I could when I heard his voice. "So what's up guys?" Niall asked. "Nothing much..." Summer said and scooted away from me on the couch. Why was Niall acting as if the two of us weren't kissing a second ago? There was no way he didn't see it. I know he did. I'm positive. "Just working on homework together!" I said and Summer nodded her head. I decided if he was acting like he didn't see it, we were going to too. "I better head home." Niall said. "You just got here." Summer said. "I was just stopping by to see why you called." Niall said. "Oh sorry I thought we had school but it was a teacher work day! My bad!" Summer said. She faked laughed and waved to Niall as he walked out. "That was a close one." I whispered in her ear. She turned to me and smiled as I pulled her in to continue where we left off.



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