Summer and Niall have been best friends for practically their entire life. He recently has wanted to ask out Summer but she hasn't showed any intrest. When Summer meets Niall's new friends, will she fall for one of them instead of Niall or does she secretly love Niall just as much as he loves her?

(If you've already read this before, I changed there ages in the first chapter from 14 to 16 because some things didn't add up right! Sorry!)


7. Date Night


Summer's P.O.V.

It's Thursday and we just got out of school. I have my date with Liam tonight so my friends are coming over. We got in my car and I drove them to my house. "Ahh! I'm so happy for you two!" Ellie yelled. "He is so adorable!" Tori said. "I know right!" Emily said. I smiled. I was so nervous but I didn't want to tell them. "Don't be nervous!" Ellie said. Darn. She figured me out, like normal. Ellie's my best friend and has been for a few years now. Tori and Emily I just started hanging out with over the summer but the four of us are becoming really good friends. We pulled into the driveway and got out of the car. After we got inside, Tori ran into the kitchen and got a bag of chips. She and Niall get along really well; they both LOVE to eat. "Let's go!" Emily said. She wanted to help pick out my outfit tonight. "K!" I said and we all ran up the stairs. We got to my room and the girls ran to my closet. "Oooh this is cute!!" Tori said. She held up a strapless black dress that was really tight. "It's a little too formal." I said. Liam was taking me to a seafood resteraunt. Some people dressed up but not too much. "How about this?" Ellie asked. She held up a blue dress with white flowers on it. "Cute!" I said. "But kind of casual." Emily added. "I have the perfect dress!!" Emily held up a strapless hot pink dress that poofed out at the bottom. "You're right!" Ellie said. "That's so cute! You have to wear it!" Tori told me. "OK!" I said. I slipped the dress on and we went to the bathroom to do my hair and makeup. I told them I wanted to do my makeup so they went to pick out shoes and jewelry. I closed my bathroom door and got out my makeup. I used a light foundation and powder for my face. Then I lined my eyes with black eye liner and put on some mascara. I did a coral colored blush and hot pink lip stick to match my dress. Then I curled my hair. Perfect. When I walked out of the bathroom and into my room, shoes were everywhere! The girls were running around arguing about which ones I should wear. "GUYS!" I yelled. They all stopped and looked at me. "Sorry!" Tori said. "It's fine." I sighed and grabbed the shoes out of Emily's hand. "These will work." They were black heels about 3 inches tall. Liam is 5'11" and I'm 5'4" so they wouldn't be too high. I went to my jewelry box and got a pair of back studs and put them in. I sprayed some perfume on my wrist and hugged the girls. "Thanks." I told them. "Clean up!" I yelled as I walked downstairs. They groaned so I laughed. The doorbell rang and I grabbed my phone and black Coach wristlet from the counter then answered it. "Hey Liam!" I said. "Hey!" He said back and pecked my cheek. I blushed, it was the first time he's ever kissed me. "Ready?" He asked. "Let's go!" I said and he led me to his car.


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