Fire and Ice

Don't you just love the hunger games, this is what I think happens next, Ignoring the epilogue of the third book:

"Must we watch this?" He asks me
"Peeta, please, just for Prim, Just the reaping, that's all?" I say.
He nods and sits down, his arm is around my shoulder, and I feel safe, but, my eyes are glued to the screen, watching as name after name is pulled out of the glass ball. 12 girls, 12 boys, Capitol flesh and blood, this is their turn. their turn to fight in the hunger games.


5. Hospital wing.

"She is suffering Hysterics I believe and a broken ankle."

" Good Analysis Miss Summer."

Someone said. Haymitch? Was that Haymitch?! I tried to open my eyes and sit up, but wrestling against the tubes plugged into me didn't seem such a good idea.

"Hello Sweetheart." He said, his breath still reeked of Liqueur and somehow, his voice brought comfort and I found myself Laughing. " Glad you find me so amusing." He said Sarcastically which only made me laugh even more. Soon Summer's bell like laughter joined in mine. Normally I would've stopped by now but her laughter only made the whole thing more enjoyable. After a few minutes, I could open my eyes and was sitting up, Haymitch's low chortle joined in as I sat up.

"You look gorgeous Sweetheart!" He laughed, his voice thick with sarcasm.

"Not so bad yourself!" I retort in the same fashion which makes us all laugh more, even the nurse had joined in now, and, she began unplugging my tubes, handed me a pair of crutches, and told me I was free to go. Our laughter died away slowly as we hobbled out of the hospital wing.

"Well Miss Everdeen, we need to get to the meeting room will you be okay to  hobble your way?"

I nod slowly, not liking how her voice had changed back to the hiss that reminded me so much of her Grandfather. Haymitch shook his head took my crutches and handed them to summer then her proceeded to pick me up and carry me.

"Hey!" I protested but, not as badly as usual because for some unknown reason, it felt right to be still in Haymitch's arms as he ran keeping pace with Summer.

We finally arrived at the meeting room.

"Was that really necessary?" I ask taking my crutches from Summer as Haymitch put me down. 

"You would have made us late." Haymitch said as we entered.

Peeta and Gale sat next to one another deep in conversation, Effie Trinket was there and Johanna and Finnick and Beetee as well 

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