Fire and Ice

Don't you just love the hunger games, this is what I think happens next, Ignoring the epilogue of the third book:

"Must we watch this?" He asks me
"Peeta, please, just for Prim, Just the reaping, that's all?" I say.
He nods and sits down, his arm is around my shoulder, and I feel safe, but, my eyes are glued to the screen, watching as name after name is pulled out of the glass ball. 12 girls, 12 boys, Capitol flesh and blood, this is their turn. their turn to fight in the hunger games.


2. Home.

I wake up in my own bed the next day, Peeta by my side. I roll over and rest my head on his chest, I know it wakes him up, but, it is something I must do, just to make sure his heart is still beating. 

Thump thump.

"Good morning." He says, and a smile spreads across his face. I push myself up and kiss his lips.

"Real or not real?" I ask, he smiles again before answering.

"I would hope real?" He says laughing.

"Nope!" I laugh before, kissing him again.

I want this moment to stay forever, so, I don't move. He makes his way to get up. I pull his arm forcing him to lay back down with me. 

"Don't move, Just, stay with me."

He laughs, but, doesn't refuse.

"You came in late last night, where were you?"

I knew that question was inevitable. I think about lying to him but, I look into his blue eyes, I have done that too many times before.

"Capitol. I met someone, they saved my life. Did you know that the pods in the Capitol are still active?" I ask

"No, I thought Paylor turned them all off?"

"So did I? Do we still have every recording of the hunger games?"

He looks puzzled and nods.

"Even the 76Th?"

He shakes his head. He gets up then, I don't try to stop him this time, it will only lead to trouble and, more questions. I let him get ready for work, the get ready myself, walk with him to the station and wave him off. I run back home, and grab my bow, change out of my best clothes and  put on my old ones, grabbing my fathers leather jacket. I wave goodbye to the primroses and continue out, under the fence, collecting my bow as I go. I have let Peeta down, I promised not to go into the capital, so, if I cook him a meal and make it as romantic as I can possible get, maybe he will forgive me? Then again, maybe not?

I manage to take down 2 Rabbits, but they don't seem too romantic. I see a wild turkey, but, as I shoot my arrow, the turkey moves, and I only clip its wing. I follow it as it runs through the forest, Someone else's arrow hits it. I know, this person. She saved me, finally, I can see her in broad daylight. She hops down from an old oak tree. Picks up the turkey and, hands it to me I take it and put it in my Satchel with the rabbits

"Well, Miss Everdeen, it appears our paths cross again."

I didn't notice last night, but her hair is white, pure white? How could I not notice that? Her eyes still bug me, why do I recognise them? 

"It appears they cross intentionally this time." I say, keeping my distance.

"How do you know last time was unintentional?" She asks and, I have to admit, I don't.

"Who are you?" I ask but, as the words leave my mouth, she is already, climbing back up the oak tree, Disappearing from view. I hear her laugh again, and I like her laugh, it is pretty.



"Its been 2 weeks since then, and I have seen her around a dozen different times Peeta, in the hob, when I dropped my bags of shopping, she was their to pick them up, and, she often appears when I am hunting, she is ever so peculiar and aggravating, she always leaves when I am bout to ask her, her name!" I say, Mashing the Potatoes a little to hard.

"Calm down, you'll be Mashing the work surface in a minute!" He laughs and, after a few moments of frowning, I am forced to join in. "I can got the record of the 76Th hunger games if you want? Although, I don't see why you want it?"

"She said that I consented to her hunger games, and that she was the victor?" I say.

He nods, "sounds like you, two have a lot in common." 

I dish up dinner. We eat in silence for a few moments until, one of us is forced to say something.

"I saw Gale today." Peeta says, shoveling another forkful of mash potatoes into his mouth.

"That's nice." I say, trying to keep my tone even. "What did he say?"

"That he wants to catch up sometime and, maybe we should go round his for tea sometime. He asked how you were I said you were fine and we would be delighted to go for tea, and maybe at some point, he could come round here and visit." I nod slowly. "The 76Th hunger games record actually came from him."

We had finished dinner by that point, so I collected up the dirty plates and, placed them on the work surface.

"Let the 76Th Hunger Games begin." I say imitating Effie Trinket.

"And, may the odds be ever in your Favor!" Peeta finished also imitating Effie.


We watched all of the reaping this time I watched the terrified faces of the young girls as they mounted the stage. The camera zoomed in onto her face, compared to the others, she seemed calm?

"That's her," I say shaking Peeta's arm.

"Summer Snow." Effie reads out, I watch in horror as she ascends to the stage.

Those eyes should terrify me, and I know I am scared, the girl in the Capitol, in the hob, in the woods. My hands shake as I come to the inevitable conclusion.

This girl, is President Snows granddaughter.

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