Fire and Ice

Don't you just love the hunger games, this is what I think happens next, Ignoring the epilogue of the third book:

"Must we watch this?" He asks me
"Peeta, please, just for Prim, Just the reaping, that's all?" I say.
He nods and sits down, his arm is around my shoulder, and I feel safe, but, my eyes are glued to the screen, watching as name after name is pulled out of the glass ball. 12 girls, 12 boys, Capitol flesh and blood, this is their turn. their turn to fight in the hunger games.


3. Gale's.

After finding out about Summer, Peeta hardly let me go anywhere by myself. Eventually,we accepted Gale's invite.

We took the train to what used to be District 2, on arrival, we found Gales house on an electronic map, we followed the roads and eventually arrived at his new apartment. I knock slowly at the door, Peeta's arm wrapped around my waist. Gale answers sweeping me into a huge hug, his arms enveloping me.

"Gale, put me down." I say firmly, he does so, and steps back to get a better look.

"So how are you?" He asks stepping aside to let me and Peeta in. I refuse to let go of Peeta's hand.

"Perfectly happy thank you, and more than happily engaged." I say taking a step closer to Peeta, and one away from Gale. "and you?"

"Happily  engaged to a wonderful girl, who intends to help us again."

"Again?" Peeta asks, ignoring the fact Gale is also engaged.

Then she appears at the bottom of the stair case, white hair pulled back gliding gracefully across the floor in an Ice blue dress that sent chills down my spine.

"Whats she doing here?!" I ask my voice slightly raised, Peeta positions himself between us.

"I live here." She says. "Happily with my Fiance." She adds.

"Katniss Peeta, this is Summer." Gale said sweeping her up and their lips meet.

I am shocked into silence. Peeta takes hold of me, pulling me closer.

"She is president Snows granddaughter." I choke out.

Gale pulls away and nods.

"She is I know she is also our new Mocking-Jay." He says

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