Fire and Ice

Don't you just love the hunger games, this is what I think happens next, Ignoring the epilogue of the third book:

"Must we watch this?" He asks me
"Peeta, please, just for Prim, Just the reaping, that's all?" I say.
He nods and sits down, his arm is around my shoulder, and I feel safe, but, my eyes are glued to the screen, watching as name after name is pulled out of the glass ball. 12 girls, 12 boys, Capitol flesh and blood, this is their turn. their turn to fight in the hunger games.


4. District 14

"Mocking-Jay?" I ask surprised.

"Yes, the Capitol is trying to gain back their power. Wages in District 1 have been slashed and District 5 have law by way of peacekeepers, if you can call them that." Gale explains wrapping his arm round Summers waist, her gaze is locked on me.

"You mean another rebellion?" Peeta asks quietly.

Gale nods, then smiles as Summer walks off her dress flowing behind her, only when he is certain that she has left does Peeta relax.

"Why? Why now?! Why when everything is normal?!" I ask my voice raising as I speak. Peeta steps back beside me smiling at me he kisses my lips and laughs Gale joins in.

"Would you care to explain what is so funny?!" I ask, letting go of Peeta's hand and folding my arms- this only makes them laugh harder.

"What!?" I shout.

"Your definition of Normal is a heck of a lot different to ours." Peeta says amid laughter.

I have to admit, normal wasn't exactly present in my world and if by normal I mean that my Fiance has constant flashbacks or that I barely sleep at night through the nightmares that haunt my mind and if by normal I mean that the Pods have been turned back on or that my mother can't stand to see me then, yeah, everything is normal. After a few moments of being me (stubborn), I am forced to join in their laughter. As our laughter dies away Summer re-joins us.

"Ready?" She asks.

Gale nods and gestures for us to follow him, hesitantly we go.

"Ready for what?" I ask Peeta in a whisper and somehow Summer hears me.

"You'll find out soon." She says.

Peeta shrugs.

We walk downstairs and squash into a cupboard about the size of my old wardrobe (The size of an average laundry basket). Someone's elbow jabbed me in the stomach to which I gave a short -loud- yelp.

"Will you all stand still?!" I shout and, to my amazement, people stop. "Why are we in here?" I ask, to which the answer was Gale telling summer to hit the switch, the cupboard gave a sharp jolt and began to quickly drop, I grabbed hold of Peeta, I would of screamed but my breath was literally gone. For once I was horrified of the fact that I might die. The cupboard was spiraling out of control, turning this way and that, and, what seemed to be someones foot made contact with my ankle, there was an almighty crack   as the cupboard dropped again but it masked the sound of my ankle snapping, I screamed in agony, Gale put his hand over my mouth and put his finger to his lips. Some time later (Around half an hour) the cupboard juddered to a stop. Gale nodded to Summer who opened the door. We all fell out.

"Be quiet?!" I yelled at Gale. "My ankle is broken!" I shouted louder.

"Hey I didn't know that!" Gale protested.

"You needed to be quiet because we were passing under the Capitol. Do you want me to fix your ankle?" Summer said slowly.

"NO." Peeta and I said simultaneously.

" Hey there's no need to be impolite!" Gale said.

"It's alright, I understand, Hospital wing?" She says quietly.

"Yeah you take her, I need to talk to Peeta bring her to the meeting room when you are finished." 

Summer nods and pulls my arm around her shoulder. Peeta rushes to help me up.

"I think it would be easier if I take Katniss, if you give me directions I could be there in a matter of moments." He says.

"Summer knows what she is doing." Gale insists in a tone that tells me not to persist further. I nod at Peeta who slowly follows Gale.

I hobble along next to Summer amazed she can support my weight. I am so baffled by the corridors I walk through that I forget I am walking next to President Snows Granddaughter.

"You said we passed under the Capitol." I say. Summer nods. "Where are we?" 

Summer laughs I still like her laugh.

"I am glad you asked Miss Everdeen," I hate it how she says it in the same way as her Grandfather. "Welcome to District 14" She says.






There is no District 14...


"So much for getting here unnoticed,

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