How did I get here?

Over the course of the last year, Reed Johnson's life has made some interesting twists and turns, and sadly, very few of them were for the better. Now, to get her away from the scenes that provoked her post-traumatic stress, her father has chosen to move the family back home to Nazareth in Pennsylvania.
Both old and new friends quickly start to make an impact on her life, and pretty soon, Reed is caught up in a web of drama while dealing with a lot of stuff herself. With an already fragile mental health, who knows how she'll end up?


32. Final goodbye

We shot away from each other. Tim stood in the doorway staring at me with fury filling his eyes. I scooted closer to Alex and he put a protective arm around my shoulders. The fury behind Tim's eyes flared and multiplied. "Really Reed? That guy? You could do better you know." I knew what he was trying to do. He was being mean to avoid being hurt. But I played along. I had always been good at that game."Like what? You? Because my ideal boyfriend doesn't hit me!" "It was accidental!" He sighed loudly. "Accidental? ACCIDENTAL!" "I was drunk!" He yelled. I stood up and screamed in his face "YOU WILL NOT USE THAT AS AN EXCUSE FOR HITTING ME! YOUR INTENTIONS THAT NIGHT WERE PERFECTLY CLEAR AND BECAUSE I REFUSED YOU HIT ME! IT IS UNFORGIVABLE!" He stepped back and I was both scared and happy that I could have that effect on him. "I told you I'm sorry! What more do you want?"

"I want you to leave me alone." I whispered suddenly out of energy. "I came to give back the keys. And get my stuff." He said. "Your stuff is gone. Leave the keys at the door. Now GO!" Alex said and pointed to the front door. Tim looked at the floor and nodded. Alex stood up to make sure he left.

I heard a loud thud and someone falling. I ran out there to see what was going on and Alex was lying unconscious on the floor with a swell already developing. "What did you do!" I screamed and threw myself on my knees beside him. He seemed alright but I had to make sure. He was breathing and that was good enough for now. I looked up and saw Tim standing looking positively lost looking at his hands as if wondering  what else he was capable of.He looked me in the eye and whispered "Help me."

I stood and walked past him to open the door. "I tried to help you Tim. I didn't succeed. I give up." I said with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. He turned around to face me. His eyes were also filled with tears when he walked over and kissed my forehead before leaving. I closed my eyes and the tears ran down my cheeks. I heard his feet leave the gravel in the driveway and opened my eyes. Just like that he was gone. Out of my life for good.

I turned back to Alex who was slowly sitting up. "Where is he?" He grumbled. "He's gone. It's over." I said and helped him up. His eyebrow was split from the hit he had taken to the head and blood was running down into his face. "C'mon." I said and dragged him out to the kitchen and sat him on the counter. I got out a little first aid kit from the cupboard. As I was cleaning away the blood he reached down and wiped away my tears with his thumb. I smiled and kept wiping his face with the antiseptic cloth in my hand.

He reached up his hand and put it on top of mine. He placed our hands on his thigh and put the other hand on his face. Our lips met and once again I felt the fire inside. We pulled apart at the sound of his ringtone and he pulled out his phone to answer. "Hey mom. What? Oh right. I guess. Just a sec." He put his hand on the phone to block the sound and looked at me. "You wanna come with me and my family out to my aunts house today?" "Um why?" "I promised to go this time. My mom is picking me up in half an hour. You wanna go?" "No thanks I'll just stick around here." "Ok." He took his hand of the phone and said "Ok mom I'll be ready by then. Yeah? No she's not coming. Ok. Bye" He hung up and looked at me. "Sorry I have to leave you like this." He said. "It's fine." I answered and kissed him on the cheek. "I think I'll head to the studio anyways. Now that Ben is locked up I can go there alone again." He nodded and jumped down from the counter and started going around the house throwing his stuff into the bag that he had brought over when he decided to stay.

When he finished he grabbed my hip and pulled me to him. His hands went on my face and he tilted my head up forcing me to look him in the eye. "Are you sure you'll be ok?" "Yes." I said firmly and kissed his nosetip. A car honked outside and he grabbed the handle on his bag. "I'll see you soon." He said and kissed me. Then he left and I prepared for the studio.

(Alex's POV)

I saw my entire family sitting in my dad's car and I jumped in the back with Gina. She reached over and I squeezed her hand. "Hey Alex." Mom said and dad mumbled something too. "Why do you look so happy? And why do you have a cut in your eyebrow?" "Long story mom." I sat back in silence but she wouldn't let me have it. "Oh you two finally got together didn't you?" She squealed. "Yes mom we did now leave me alone." She raised her hands as if to say "I rest my case" And looked back out the windshield. Gina was looking at me and I smiled at her to signal that she could relax. The ride to Aunt Karren's was silent from then on.

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