How did I get here?

Over the course of the last year, Reed Johnson's life has made some interesting twists and turns, and sadly, very few of them were for the better. Now, to get her away from the scenes that provoked her post-traumatic stress, her father has chosen to move the family back home to Nazareth in Pennsylvania.
Both old and new friends quickly start to make an impact on her life, and pretty soon, Reed is caught up in a web of drama while dealing with a lot of stuff herself. With an already fragile mental health, who knows how she'll end up?


4. Chapter 3

"Alright guys, I'll take attendance now! When your name is called, every second person will go get a red jersey, and everyone else just sticks with their uniform. We're playing soccer today. Kyle Heccles?"


"Jayla Annsen?" 


And so the list continued. I wasn't really listening until my name was called.

"Reed Johnson?" 



I was lucky enough to avoid the red jerseys, as I knew very well that those were only washed about once every ten years. I joined my team, and apparently, some redhead decided that she was captain.

"Okay so they have Alex. That means we have to be careful, and we have to keep our eyes on him. Got it?" She bossed. At that moment, I decided that I was gonna do the exact opposite. Just because she had managed to annoy me within the only three sentences I'd heard her speak. 

The whistle was blown, and the game was on. The crisp air made our cheeks red within seconds, and spirits were high. 

Everyone from my team, except for the goalkeeper, seemed to be trying to block Alex from the ball, and doing a miserable job at it. I rebelled, and dove straight for the ball. A little tackle later, and a few foul names called in my direction from a slightly obese boy, aka my victim, I was shooting at the goal. I gotta give it to the goalie, he tried, and he wasn't far off, just a nanosecond too slow. The ball hit the net hard, and our first point had been scored.

Alex, got hold of the ball, and before I knew it, he'd scored. I vaguely remembered a facebook status about him being captain of the soccer team, and I could see why. 

The others were still way too obsessed with blocking off Alex, and I was fighting one against the other team. They got two goals in a row, and we were down two. 

I made another run for the ball, and managed to get it from a tall Asian looking boy. I dribbled down, but the ball was stolen from me by Alex. I wouldn't have it. My team had been humiliated enough already, so I made another dig, and managed to tackle him in the process. 

We were on their half of the field, and I got in another goal. 

The teacher blew his whistle, and the game ended. I breathed out through my puffed up cheeks, and put my hands on my hips. I turned around and saw that Alex was still sitting on the grass, looking at me with an amused expression on his face.

"You should join the girls team." He puffed. Everyone else had already headed to the locker rooms. I took his hand and pulled him to his feet.

"Nah, soccer was never for me." I shrugged. 

"Right, you're all about dance. Ballet." He nodded as we started walking back to the locker rooms. 

"And contemporary, jazz, fosse, modern, lyrical, anything really. Except tap. I was never really able to get that down."

"Even pole dancing then?" He joked, and I elbowed him in the ribs. He laughed, and I raised my chin a little. "I'll have you know that I did try it once, and I was damn good at it." His laughter only grew louder, and we parted outside the respective locker rooms, him still snickering, and me shaking my head at his unchanged silliness and free spirit. 

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