How did I get here?

Over the course of the last year, Reed Johnson's life has made some interesting twists and turns, and sadly, very few of them were for the better. Now, to get her away from the scenes that provoked her post-traumatic stress, her father has chosen to move the family back home to Nazareth in Pennsylvania.
Both old and new friends quickly start to make an impact on her life, and pretty soon, Reed is caught up in a web of drama while dealing with a lot of stuff herself. With an already fragile mental health, who knows how she'll end up?


30. Burn baby Burn

Alex sat with me for hours while I sobbed into his shoulder. I had really loved Tim. I know that I was only 16 but I did. When there were no more tears left Alex gently pushed me back a bit and wiped my cheek with his thumb. "Hey. It's ok. Or it will be anyways. I'm here for you ok? remember that." I smiled and put my head on his shoulder again. I fell asleep there and woke up at the feeling of being moved. I opened my eyes and in a sleepy voice I said "Morning." "Oh shit I didn't mean to wake you." Alex had tried to get my head onto the back of the couch instead of his shoulder. "I have to go get Gina from my aunts house. Is it ok if we come back and stay with you for today?" "You two can stay as long as you like. But I have dance class today. It's a saturday." "When does it start?" "At two." "Well it's only 11:22 so we'll come back here." "Ok." Then he left. I went to go get breakfast. I looked out the window above the sink and saw my reflection. "Shit." I cursed under my breath. The right side of my face was swollen and a little bit blue. Gina couldn't see me like this. I ran upstairs forgetting about breakfast completely. I dug into my makeup purse to find my concealer but it had vanished in to thin air. Alright second choice. My powder was there so I dabbed as much as I could on. In the end my face was only swollen and almost not blue. It would have to do. I walked down the stairs just as the doorbell rang. I opened up and Gina hugged my knees as if there was no tomorrow. She looked up and her eyebrows pulled together. "What happened to your face?" She asked in a very grown up voice. It was quite confusing to hear that from her. "Nothing." I whispered and Alex shot Gina a look saying "Don't ask". I took her on my hip and walked to the kitchen again. I was starved but I could only eat a small amount of food each day because of my dancing. It would get worse if my stomach was completely full. I grabbed an apple and sat at the table. "Alex would you stay down here? There's something I need to do." He nodded and I walked to the attic. On the way I grabbed a cardboard box that was still in the hallway from when we moved in. I threw it on the floor in what was no longer Tim's room. I started going about the room tossing all of his things and clothes into the box. When I was done I lifted it by the handles in the sides and went outside to the back garden. I dropped the box right in the middle and went to the liquor cupboard. I grabbed a bottle of vodka and a box of matches. Then I marched outside again and poured the entire bottle over the box. I lit a match and held it in the air for a moment before dropping it to the box. I stood over the fire and watched the flames devour the contents of the box. The alcohol set of the fire and very soon the only remnants of Tim in my life were ashes spread over the lawn. Satisfied I turned back to the house with a smile plastered to my face. Alex stood in the window. He had seen the whole thing. I went back inside and looked at the clock. Time to leave for the studio.

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