How did I get here?

Over the course of the last year, Reed Johnson's life has made some interesting twists and turns, and sadly, very few of them were for the better. Now, to get her away from the scenes that provoked her post-traumatic stress, her father has chosen to move the family back home to Nazareth in Pennsylvania.
Both old and new friends quickly start to make an impact on her life, and pretty soon, Reed is caught up in a web of drama while dealing with a lot of stuff herself. With an already fragile mental health, who knows how she'll end up?


31. A boat is all it takes

It was the day after I had burned the box and David and Dad still weren't home. In fear of me hurting myself Alex stayed with me. His parents had come home and were now taking care of Gina which I was thankful for. She was a great kid and I loved her to bits but having a little kid around all the time could strain you. And I didn't want to snap at her. Alex and I were watching some lame TV show when he suddenly jumped up. "Reed get your coat. We're going somewhere." I followed orders with a smile we went out to his car. We pulled up at the boat rental place by Pipestem and Alex told me to wait in the car while he went inside. When he came back he carried two oars for rowing. I got out of the car and he gestured to follow him. So I did and we ended up in a gorgeous little rowing boat. He started taking us out on the water. "I really appreciate this Alex I do. But why are we here?" "I know that you come out here to connect with your gramps whenever somethings wrong and I figured you needed a reprieve from being in the house all the time." I reached over to hug him. "Thank you so much Alex." I murmured in his ear. "You're welcome." He said with a sad smile on his lips. I closed my eyes and let the sounds and smells of the lake fill me. It felt as if grampa's big hand, rough from years of work lay on my shoulder. But when I opened my eyes he wasn't there. Instead there was air. And in that air I felt his presence. I closed my eyes again. I could nearly hear him and feel him there. It was as if there was only a thin veil separating us. I was pulled back from my trancelike state by the boat rocking a bit. My eyes opened again to see Alex gripping the sides of the boat. The oars were slipping out of the oarlocks so I dove forward to get them before they fell completely into the water. At the sudden movement the boat rocked even more and somehow we both ended up in the water. I hurried to throw the oars into the boat so they wouldn't get lost in the lake. As it was late October the water was freezing and my teeth were already chattering. We both laughed at our current state. Alex splashed some water in my face and I gave a little scream. I splashed back and soon we were in an all out water fight. But the water was too cold and when I couldn't feel my toes anymore and my teeth were chattering even worse Alex put his hand on my waist and pulled me into a tight embrace to keep me warm. We floated around like that for a minute keeping each other warm. He pulled back and our foreheads touched. I could feel his breath on my cheeks and I leaned forward. We kissed and that firework feeling that had been missing with Tim was there. It filled me up and I felt like I could conquer the world. As long as Alex was there. Eventually we needed air and both pulled back. A smile spread on Alex's lips and I'm guessing it did on mine too. Somehow he got us both back up in the boat and he took us back to shore. All the time I never looked away from his angels face. The bottom of the boat bumped against the shore and we scrambled out and pulled it higher. The guy from the rental place took over and we ran for the car to turn on the heat. We laughed the whole time. On the drive home we held hands and every now and then Alex would steal a look my way before focusing on the road again. I never stopped smiling. How could I not have realized how perfect he was? How on earth had I friendzoned him so bad? I regretted every second of it especially because instead I had wasted my time on Tim. The fucked up boy who escaped from being abused at home and then did the very same thing to me. But Alex... He was a different story entirely. We reached the house and as soon as I was out of the car I jumped into Alex's arm and planted a kiis on his lips. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He carried me to the couch inside the house and lay on top of me. We kept kissing reaching a steady rhythm. We were broken apart by a voice shouting "What the hell!" 

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