Dream Journal

I like to keep track of my dreams, so I will move them all here in case someone would like to read them :)


14. Zombies

So I have been watching Code Lyoko lately, so the dream I had was rather mixed up. I suppose it was a combination of stress and nerdiness. 

The dream started out and I was Aelita from Code Lyoko. She is a young asian-looking girl with pink hair. She was wearing a wet suit, and I was looking at myself as her from someone else's eyes. We were all looking at a computer screen with a map on it. It was replying a situation over and over with dots as people. I was wondering what it was and then someone explained that this was a map of a livestock ship that was carrying sheep. A sheep got out of a pen, and a young boy chased after it. It didn't show this on the map, but I somehow knew this was the case. The boy ran after the sheep and got trapped in a small room because the door opened the wrong way. Two dots indicating people ran to a room across from the boy and tried to rescue him, but stopped. I wondered why, but just kept watching the replay.

Then I was on the ship and I saw what really happened. I watched the boy chase the sheep into the small room and tried to tell him not to go. I was watching this all as if it was a movie - I couldn't help. I saw the two other dots race to help him, but they both fell in a pit. It was really dark all of the sudden, and I saw that it was a man and a woman, both black. One looked like Bill Cosby combined with LeVar Burton. I tried to ask if they were okay, but the man rolled over and a ton of bugs crawled out. He screamed and started turning into this weird alien creature. The woman screamed too, and she started turning into a zombie.

I did the only thing I could - I ran. I didn't know where I was going, but I was Aelita again and I found a cave. I don't remember what exactly happened after that, but the next thing I knew I was moving huge rock-platforms around so me and a few other people could climb up them.

Then, suddenly, I was myself again. I was on a high speed train, but the train could run on the road. We were all headed for Paris, so the train was running over a hundred miles an hour down the highway. This was not a bad thing. We knew that it was designed to do that, and the cars were always out of its way. Then, I was driving it. Somehow I knew just what to do, but something was wrong. A voice kept chasing me, telling me that I was wrong, but I didn't know why.

The train crash-landed in a big icefield. There was snow everywhere and the voice turned out to be a dark man. Not like dark as in black, but dark as in evil. Anyway, he started throwing something at me, but I don't remeber what it was. The objects hit me, and all the people on the train got off and watched. Then they began throwing the objects at me as well. Then a war broke out, and everyone was throwing objects at everyone else. I tried to escape, but as I was, they ran out of objects and started throwing snowballs instead. It wasn't so bad until the dark man grinned. "I have something better," he said, raising a slab of ice. I gasped and tried to hide. Everyone picked up slabs of ice and started hurling them at each other.

I tried to hide again, and ran into someone that looked familiar. I felt a rush of relief and hugged the person. They smiled and stood against the ice slabs being hurled at us. Then, a group of asian girls stood next to us in a line, all holding ice slabs. I was scared they would throw the ice at us, and broke into tears. The ice had already made me and other people bleed, so I was scared. I told them that we shouldn't be doing this. The dark man was making us do it. They realized I was right and I hugged them all and we became instant friends. Then a Facebook window popped up in front of me and I had added them to Facebook.

The end.

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