Dream Journal

I like to keep track of my dreams, so I will move them all here in case someone would like to read them :)


10. The Boat

Okay, so last night’s dream was about a boat!

I was walking down my road and I passed one of the really big white houses (we have 3 on our road) and someone was pulling out of the driveway with a HUGE boat. I’m talking two floors, multiple rooms, and bedrooms. It wasn't like a cruise ship, but it was big enough to house 20 or so people overnight and it had a small dining area. I thought it was a really big boat and I never saw one like it before.

Suddenly I was in the boat and I watched people unpack and things. Each room was very small and had an attached bathroom. I didn't realize this, so I accidently walked in on someone sitting on the toilet. I immediately didn’t like the boat b/c everything was very dirty like no one had swept or cleaned in years. There were, however, two larger rooms at the ends of the two floors, but they had two people in them and not a lot of privacy because the stairs were basically inside the rooms. I talked to one of the ladies that was staying in the lower floor large room and she said she was invited, but thought everything was very dirty, too, so her and her roommate super cleaned the whole room. It was tolerable and I decided if I ever stayed on this boat I would stay in a big room.

I passed someone that I worked with (in real life, but I didn’t recognize her, I just knew I worked with her) and I said hi. Then told her I had to go and she said “You can’t leave!” When I asked why she explained she got this message in the mail that said she was hired to work on the boat even though she never applied to work there. Two others from work explained the same thing, showing me these strange letters that said they would work for a whole three days for $50. I said that was really stupid and I would leave. She told me I couldn’t because this job was required by law AND the boat already left port. I was so upset!

I spotted my dad on the shore. He was in a blue shirt but getting smaller and smaller as we floated away. I was determined to get back to shore or I would be trapped forever on the boat. Suddenly I had luggage with me, but I didn’t remember ever packing it. As the boat turned to pull away from the shore I leaped into the water with the luggage to swim to shore. What was weird though was the luggage was VERY buoyant and I used it as a floaty. At first I couldn’t go fast, so I flipped to my back, holding the floating suitcase like a kick board and kicked myself to shore.

The end.

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