Dream Journal

I like to keep track of my dreams, so I will move them all here in case someone would like to read them :)


45. Swim Team

I was in a private school where they have a swim team. I don't remember joining it, but I was on it, and I was really bad at swimming. I went in the water and tried to stay afloat, but I sunk really bad.

Then I was on a bus with the swim team, and everyone laughed at me. I don't know why they were, but when we got to where we were going, it was a big convention-type place. Everyone there was on swim teams, and the announcer explained there was a big scavenger hunt going on. In order to win, we had to find colored cloth pieces around the gym, and everyone had to pay five dollars to participate.

I didn't feel like participating, but I managed to sneak in and sit near my coach, because I was afraid of the people laughing. I was so quiet, and I didn't understand why I was here. Anyway, the scavenger hunt began, and everyone rushed around a maze to find the cloths. I sat in the back and found two pieces of plastic that looked like fox ears and a fox max. They looked cool, and were painted dark purple.

The scavenger hunt was over, so the MC told everyone to sit back down. He asked everyone to count how many cloths they had, and he would announce the winner. I had turned my chair around because I knew I was not going to win - I didn't even participate. But suddenly, he announed "Risa" as the winner, and I knew that was me for some reason. I was surprised, and he came over and pointed out the fox mask and ears, saying that this was the ultimate prize.

I was startled, so I ran out of the room, everyone behind me getting angry and wondering where I'd gone. I ran far away, and even was able to swim in the air. But some girls chased me, and I ran faster. Eventually, they caught up to me and explained that they had left their guild and wanted to create a new one with me as leader. I didn't want to be a leader. I was so scared and I almost cried, but the leader girl explained I was going to be the best leader and lead them to victory. They had girls with the ability to swim in the air and fly. I tried to swim in the air again, but another girl copied me and I couldn't swim in the air anymore.

Then I was in a huge dining hall with fancy tables and I was sitting with a bunch of boys. They didn't notice me and I felt like crying because no one noticed me. I sat under the table and wished for it to all go away.

Then I was at a pool again and my mom was there. My real mom, not a made up one for the dream. She was smiling and happy and put on a bathing suit. I did too, and we went swimming. I was suddenly a great swimmer, and the swim team saw, and I introduced them to my mom. They were so happy, they asked me to join the swim team.

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