Dream Journal

I like to keep track of my dreams, so I will move them all here in case someone would like to read them :)


35. Star Trek

Last night, I was Harry Potter, and I was done with school so I was allowed to use magic outside of school. I wanted to fly across a big field to a building on the other side because there was a convention thing for wizards, and I was so excited i could use magic now, so I said "accio Harry!" In the dream, that wasn't wrong, but really it is wrong because "accio" brings stuff to you. But, it worked and I flew, but it was really slow.

Then, I was a robot and I was in charge of cleaning the cargo bay in a star ship. I had a robot friend that was taller than me and we cleaned the cargo bay really well.

Suddenly, I was human again, and Lt. Paris asked me if I was free, and explained there was a party on the nearby planet where all the people from all the star ship were having a cookout. I wanted to talk to Katheryn Mulgrew and Jeri Ryan so bad, so i went. I saw some of my crew mates, and they talked to me, but I was so nervous because there were all these Star Trek stars all over the place.

I waited until everyone had left, and the on;y person left was Jeri Ryan. She walked by me, and I kept staring at her. She smiled a ton of times, but I never got the guts to say anything. She gave me a cherry and rice pastry and I said "thank you" really quietly, and tried to say something else to her, but my voice wouldn't work.

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