Dream Journal

I like to keep track of my dreams, so I will move them all here in case someone would like to read them :)


9. Rage

So last night I dreamed that I was trying to do this guy a favor, and it just wasn't working out.

So I was at work, and this dude in a delivery truck came over to drop stuff off for the center. I asked him if he wanted anything to drink and he said tea. So I said “I hope you like mango!” but he said “oops nope I don’t. It’s the only fruit people have to force me to eat!” So I sighed because I brought him mango tea. Then said “Okay, I’ll get you black tea so you can keep the bag in and make it as black as you want almost like coffee.” And he said “That’s my girl!”

So I went to get the tea and forgot to keep the bag in. I was so mad at myself I paid for another bag, but for some reason I didn't go buy another bag, I put the 20 cents into the tea cup and started getting very angry. The guy said “What is this?” so I threw up my arms and said “I don’t know!”

I went back into the center where I work and went into a room with no one in it and began to read a magazine because I was pissed off. One of my coworkers, the one that is the team leader, came in and asked what I was doing. I said “I don’t know,” in an annoyed tone. So she started talking about how she was some kind of counselor and she noticed my tone of voice and gave me a bunch of papers to explain what we should be doing now instead of sitting around, then left. I was so angry at this point, but I knew I had to work.

The other stuff in the dream was basically the fact that all us coworkers lived in the same house and that day at work was really busy so some of the clients called us and said we need to come early because it was so busy.

The end.

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