Dream Journal

I like to keep track of my dreams, so I will move them all here in case someone would like to read them :)


40. Nightmares About Queens

First I was in a training camp thing that looked a lot like a prison. It was dark and the guards were saying we were quarantined for malaria. All the infected people had to sit in the jail cell far away and have special walls put around them. I was in a normal jail cell with people I didn't know. Then they opened the door and told us to get out so we could train.

They lines us all up and did an exercise class, but they didn't turn any lights on, so it was still dark. I saw a weird thing on the ground and I thought it was a baby turtle. I cooed at it and told people there was a baby turtle. I bent over to pick it up, but the guard shouted for me to not. He put a flashlight on it and it was a GIANT LICE. I screamed, and more appeared. Then one woman who was working out on the bench press screamed because a giant lice was coming out of her eye.

Then I was in another place. It was dark also, and I was near an old abadoned barn. There were lots of people around and we were watching a movie on the side of another building. A woman I didn't know started talking to me. She explained what was going on and offered to sit next to me. I was alone, so I said sure.

The movie was about a woman that had a father that was a doctor. Then he died, but was watched by an angel. But then, a crazy queen that looked like Queen Elizabeth was hunting people. I became one of the people she was hunting.

I was in the bathroom and I was a man. I saw a sign on the bathroom door that said "I see you following me, but at least you're pooping." and I sat down on the toilet because I had to poop. Then I stood up to pee and the crazy queen lady came through the window and choked me.

Then I was a young woman and I looked like Felicity Jones (she played the Unicorn in "The Unicorn and the Wasp" in Doctor Who). I went to go to the bathroom, but the crazy queen jumped through the window and choked me. I pretended to die so she'd leave me alone. I lay on the ground with my eyes closed and she carved the date in my head. It hurt a lot less than I expected.

Then the end of the movie came and there was a woman who talked to Castiel. Castiel explained there was an angel watching her all her life and he said his name was Casien. The woman gasped because that was the name of her dead father who was a doctor. Casien appeared in front of her and she hugged him and cried while they were in the toy store from Home Alone 2: Lost in NYC.

Then I was myself again sitting behind the barn with the lady I met. She said the movie was over so we had to get all of our stuff. I found my bag, but I couldn't find my shoes. It was really dark, so I was starting to worry. We weren't allowed to walk around without shoes on. I sytarted walking away and I found my friend (actually someone I never met) who was a super tall woman. She told me I needed my shoes, and I explained I couldn't find them in the dark. We were going to go back, but the crowd was really strong and we were pushed along with it.

Then I woke up.

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