Dream Journal

I like to keep track of my dreams, so I will move them all here in case someone would like to read them :)


44. Navajo

I havn't taken the time to write down my dreams for a while, so I figured I should do it this time. Last night's dream seems to be a combination of things.

The first dream seemed more of me watching a movie. The movie was about a young boy that was taken from his father at a young age, so they never knew each other. The father was a Navajo man, and he wanted to see his son and remind him of his heritage. Apparently, the world in my dream was futuristic, but not, in that the Navajo man was locked up because people thought he was weird and strange. He just wanted to live his life. The boy came to see his father, and at first they wouldn't let him, and the father was very angry.

Eventually, the boy somehow escaped his home and went to see his father. He spoke to his father in a few Navajo words, and his father was so proud. The man's house was surrounded by a tall fence about ten feet high to keep people out. The boy spoke to his father through the gate, and then the man opened it to let him in.

Inside, there was a barn with cats in it. The older man opened a large refernce book that apparenty had the names of the cats in them. The boy asked about the cats, and the man said that they were his barn-keepers. They kept things rat-free. Then, a pond appeared inside the barn, and I sat watching the movie play, thinking "Don't touch the pond!" because I thought it was contaminated. The boy reached in the pond and pulled out a small cage. Inside the cage was a turtle that looked rather happy.

The man was distracted by the large book and began leafing through the pages to find names of famous native Americans. The last thing as the movie played was the man finding an entry of a detective named Lilo Stitch.

After that, the second dream involved me being back at college. I had taken three jobs on campus without realizing how I would manage. One of my classes happened at 8am, then I had to race to the job. But the class was held outside and I spotted some prickly pears. The instructor told me how to pick them and I tried one. It tasted like a peach, and had some grapes attached. I was surprised.

Then I was trying to find my way around with a GPS on my 3DS, which of course wasn't working right. I was being driven by a woman who I think was my boss. She was Indian, and I was worried I was going to be late. It was getting dark, and we pulled into a gas station for directions, and I was told to jump out of the car. Apparently, there were some women training for the police academy with some simulations. I asked them why they were not using a shooting range, and the instructor of the women said this was better training. I was night now and I began to panic that I would never get home.

Then I was wandering around a city, and a young girl asked me if I was lost. I didn't know what to say, so I let her lead me around. Her mother was glad she was making friends. I called my friend Richard and told him "I'm going to be late!" and he said "You are the only one I know that has class on Saturday." Then I relaxed because I forgot it was Saturday, and I didn't have class.

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