Dream Journal

I like to keep track of my dreams, so I will move them all here in case someone would like to read them :)


7. Must hide!

So, I had this crazy ass dream last night. There was another scene where I was at an open air restaurant in a mall and I met a Spanish-looking woman around my age. She had a shirt covered in a big pink flower pattern and there were tropical flowers and trees all around.

Then, I was with this big group of people and we were escaping somewhere. One girl pulled me aside and said she had a really good hiding place. It was a secret door in this old house. I explained that I had been there before so I knew what she meant. She brought me to the place but the door was locked. Then, a voice came into my head (and apparently her’s too) that said “Concentrate. It is all an illusion.” So we both thought and thought about the door and suddenly it appeared and had flashing lights around it. We climbed into the door, which was smaller than I thought and it lead up a bunch of stairways. We got to the top and suddenly we heard the voices of children. It was a mother and two boys I think. One of them said “Hey what is this door?”

Suddenly, we were struck with this fear that if the woman and the boys found us, we would have to be taken away. The voice in our heads told us that this was an illusion, too and all we had to do was realize it. We both concentrated on hiding, our eyes shut really tight. I heard the mom say “Oh it seem to be nothing.” because we were both concentrating so hard. But soon it became harder. The woman became more and more interested in the door and the boys were trying to open it. The girl I was with got so frustrated that she shouted “It’s not real!” and I was scared because I didn't want to get caught. I woke up on my stomach having to potty really bad.

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