Dream Journal

I like to keep track of my dreams, so I will move them all here in case someone would like to read them :)


32. Larry

So I have had dreams lately, but I always forget to write them down. Most of them involve fangirling stuff, but last night was a little different.

The whole thing began where I was driving in the car to pick someone up. It was snowy outside, so I wanted to get going. I tried turning the right directions, but I slid all over the road, not turning where I needed to. I was getting really frustrated, so I screamed. And I was suddenly at the school I was picking my brother up at. It looked like a boarding school, but my brother has never been to a boarding school except college, and this didn't look like college. There was a fire drill and everyone raced outside.

Then I was suddenly on a school trip with people I had never met before. We were all at an ice cream shop and a giant truck pulled up that said "Blue Collar Comedy Tour." I gasped because I knew Larry the Cable Guy was there. So this really tall and large guy suggested we hide because the Blue Collar guys hated crowds. So I set up an Archer near the trck to trap Larry on the stage by destroying the stairs down when he came.

The Archer was an Archer from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. I told him to sit behind the pillar, and when Larry came out, to shoot the stairs so Larry would be trapped. Then I became the Archer. The lights were off when Larry opened the door, but he seemed to know what was coming. He was talking to Ron White and saying that we were tricking him. But he came out anyway and I closed my eyes and didn't shoot the arrow.

Suddenly, the lights were on again and Larry and Ron and his other Blue Collar guys were sitting around a card table drinking whiskey. The rest of the school group was mingling and I stood up and exclaimed "Larry's foot was one inch from my butt!" He seemed amused and the Blue Collar guys all laughed.

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