Dream Journal

I like to keep track of my dreams, so I will move them all here in case someone would like to read them :)


26. I was mad that I woke up.


Last night I dreamed I was going to Kelly's Island (in Lake Erie), but the boat I was in was a small wooden galleon. Jimmy Neutron apparently built it, so him and his friends all piled in. Before we took off, the mast cracked and I expressed concern. Jimmy said it would be ok, but I was worried. I sat inside with them and a storm started brewing. I saw lots of boats all around me and I guessed they were going there, too. I told them that they needn't worry. I once navigated the turbulant waters of the Bermuda triangle, so I could help them. I thought of Sherlock and John and how I'd left them behind. I wishes I was there instead of here.

Then suddenly, I was back in their flat. No one was there, so I left, and I was suddenly in a waiting room. John was there, reading a magazine. Sally was there too, but she looked at me and smiled as if she expected me there. I knelt down beside John and asked where Sherlock was. John was surprised to see me, and explained that Sherlock was out. I imagined him walked around, his long coat billowing out with that sly smile on his face. I felt myself staring at John and suddenly he leaned forward and kissed me. Warmth flooding my body and I was mad when I suddenly woke up.

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