Dream Journal

I like to keep track of my dreams, so I will move them all here in case someone would like to read them :)


13. Grapes

I woke up today after a very happy, but strange dream.

In my dream, I was looking for an apartment. I found a really nice place that was like a dorm - it had about 6 people including the landlord there, and the place was not very apartment-like. Every room was different, and it was decorated very nicely. The first floor had an entryway with a desk, and one of the bedrooms right there. There were lots of glass doors (the bedroom had that glass in bathrooms that let light in but you couldn’t see through), and I asked the desk person about it. He was surprised someone was asking about the place and he explained that it was a bit different than most places. I asked him how, and he explained that everyone got along great and sometimes they all gathered in the common room and chatted.

Then I found myself in a college dorm type area. I was in a break room with a big couch that was shaped like a C. It was facing a big window, and behind me was a TV. College students were watching a sports game, and I sat on the couch away from them with my laptop.

Then I was reading a magazine and I saw an article in People that talked about this new internet sensation “Anrisa.” They had a bunch of celebrities guessing what they thought my real name was. One person, a guy celebrity, said “Harold.” I was like LOL. Another one that I think was Taylor Swift had said “Rachel Swtzer.” The article was tiny, but I was so happy, I ripped out the article to save and ran around the dorms shouting in celebration. But I had to find some tape because I accidently ripped too much off the page, so I taped it back into the magazine, then took it out more carefully. I showed my friends and they were like “woah!”

Then suddenly, I was outside, walking with a group of kids up this hill. At the top, there were purple flowers that had beans inside. I didn't eat them because I didn’t know what they were, but then ahead, there were trees covered in white (not green, but literally white) and pink grapes. I ran towards them and ate some. Then I was back at the bottom of the hill, walking to a group of people. I think it was some sort of interview because I was famous now. I met a woman that looked like she was wearing a park ranger outfit. She asked how I was and told me her name. I said “I’m Rachel, well actually, Anrisa.” She was like “Ohh! Welcome!” I guess she read the magazine. We reached the top of the hill again, but this time the grape trees were the only things there. I was hungry, so I ran to eat some pink grapes. They were really good.

The end.

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