Dream Journal

I like to keep track of my dreams, so I will move them all here in case someone would like to read them :)


4. Going to bed sad

So I guess that’s why I had a sad dream.

This one takes a little explaining. For newer followers, you should know I play a game called Ether Saga. Before you ask “Is it good?” the answer is no. Never play it. It sucks. Anyway, there is a big pvp (player vs. player) event called Territory Wars in which each alliance (guild) can fight for a territory. There are three available, so as long as you can prevent someone from stealing the territory, you can win.

So the dream was this:

It was time for TW (territory wars) my alliance already had land, so I went to the spot to defend the land. However, no one in alliance chat answered me. No one spoke, so I ran in alone to the Proof of Dominance (POD - the flag you must dig to claim the land) and got killed by another player named Tireur. I don’t know the guy personally, but he is part of an enemy alliance and hates my alliance for the same reason everyone else does: no reason at all. But that’s another story. Anyway, so I died to the dude, run back and die again. I was so angry because no one in the alliance was listening to me. One person replied, but they didn’t come help. 

So I rush to another territory and no one is at the POD. So I start to dig it and some player comes down and kills me in one hit. I didn’t see them coming, nor did I know who they were. Right then I started lagging, so everything I did took a few seconds to actually happen. This only added to my frustration, so I ran back to dig again and the dig process is taking a ton longer than it should. No one is around, then all the sudden this player comes from nowhere and kills me again.

At this point I am so upset I start raging in alliance chat saying that I will never go to TW ever again because no one comes to help me no matter how much I ask. I was so angry, and when I woke up I was upset. It’s been about 30 min and I’m just now relaxing. It wasn’t the game that made me upset, though, it was the fact that no one listened or cared about what I had to say that made me upset.

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