Dream Journal

I like to keep track of my dreams, so I will move them all here in case someone would like to read them :)


41. Double Feature

I found myself in a hotel. It wasn't a normal hotel, more like super fancy like the Waldorf Estoria in NYC. I was at the lobby desk and I asked to get into my room, but Madonna was there with lots of security and paparazzi. I tried to get to my door, but the security just wouldn't let me. So Madonna said "Let me look into the room. Normally I am not allowed to do this, but this is an exception. If I look in and he's naked, then it's not her room." So she pulled out a tiny telescope and was able to see through the wall of her room into mine. She saw a dancing man in boxer shorts. I don't know where the man came from, but I guess dancing men indicated that it was my room.

So I went into the room and I was then viewing the room from above. There was two Letter Bees in chairs that matched the pattern of their hats. They talked about something that I couldn't hear for a bit, then the room transformed into a classroom. I was in the very back, and there were only two rows of desks, so it was very small. One of my tumblr friends was there, and she said she was super bored. I laughed for some reason.

Then I was on a train and it was also a classroom. My dog, who is a greyhound, was there. Everyone was excited because he was there and they all pet him and said he is very fast - faster than a greyhound bus.

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