Dream Journal

I like to keep track of my dreams, so I will move them all here in case someone would like to read them :)


34. Comic Con

I had a dream last night that i was driving and did a strange turn to get in the opposite lane on the  other side of the street and an ambulance grazed me, so we pulled into a parking lot and it drove into a puddle and disappeared because the puddle was so deep. Then my dad asked what happened, and I explained the ambulance disappeared.

Then I was at the entrance to Comic Con with some of my high school friends and we were in a waiting room filling out forms and I was done, but there was one girl that was taking a long time. So I got impatient and started whining. The other people were calm and didn't react to me whining, but I was bored and anxious to get in comic con, so I went to the hallway and pulled a chair off a table. The girl that was taking a long time exploded and yelled at me saying that she was done with me and how stupid I was. The other people were like "wow she's crazy." I got worried, but one of the other girls were like "she's been whining all day."

So we went into Comic Con andt he entrance was this fancy buffet along the right side of the aisle. I didn't have much money so I just looked. We walked along and there were lots of candy stands. One girl that was with us was like "you could have gone on ahead of us." and I replied "I would but I have no friends." and she looked really sad and let me walk around the con with her.

We found this lounge area dressed up like the Hogwarts entrance with the point tubes. Someone was cosplaying Cory Monieth and was saying "ten points for gryffindor!" and the beads filled tubes. Me and the person that was with me went to the next room and it was a restaurant. Another Cory cosplayer was there and he was the waiter. I got super excited bnecause WOW I WAS AT COMIC CON and ran up these spiral stairs laughing. At the top was this mini light show and the person I was with told me to be careful.

Then I was at a pool and my bathing suit didn't fit right.

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