Dream Journal

I like to keep track of my dreams, so I will move them all here in case someone would like to read them :)


47. Choirs and Ooze

So this dream started out in a giant church auditorium. I guess I was there for some kind of youth group. This church was gigantic, like the size of a college lecture hall. There was a man at the bottom of the sloped auditorium. He was giving some kind of talk, but I don't remember what it was about. He put some coloring pages on the wall behind him, and instantly, they were colored with messy crayons.

I got up to walk around while the man was still talking, and I ended up in a group choir. I don't know what they were practicing, but we were all dressed in white shirts and red cloth belts. We looked like matadors. The choir leader kept telling people to sit down, and I was the first to sit down. I sat on a nearby table that looked like a picnic table. But I sat on the table part with my feet on the seat.

I got up to walk around there, and it turned out it was in a very long room with many offices. I passed all the offices and walked back the other way back to the choir. This time, there were lots of people watching, mostly parents of the choir members. I don't think they were singing, but they were trying to.

Then, I was back in the church area. I was walking around the back area, and I remembered there had been a new rule made about the types of choirs that were allowed in the main area. I saw another choir made of all adults dressed in white. There were equal numbers of men and women, and they had Stars of David around their necks. So, that made them a Jewish choir, apparently. There was a large contraption spinning around the room with big metal circles attached to long metal sticks. I needed to get to the other side of the room, so I had to jump through the circles. It was a hassle.

When I got back to the auditorium, there was a church service going on, so I just left. Then I was in the kitchen area of the church, and it looked like my kitchen, but I was just focusing on the sink and the cabinets to the right. There was a strange, watery, thing coming out of the cabinets. It was some kind of creature that made big, liquid-filled bubbles with a rubbery outer coating. Someone told me that these were very bad, and to kill them, I had to take the biggest ones and throw them in the sink. I started doing it, but then I realized, on opening the cabinets, there was a different colored one. It was big and blue instead of red, so I picked it up and threw it in the sink. It turned into hard, opaque crystals, which dissolved in the water.

I realized, this was the queen, and I found another one int he next cabinet over. It was trying to disguise itself as a piece of yellow sushi, but i wasn't fooled. I did the same to this one, and the red creatures had stopped coming out. I waited a few moments, and saw another one was trying to form in a cup of whisky in a higher cabinets. So I took the cup and poured it out before it could form.

Now that my job was done, I was in the parking lot outside. I was talking to my college roommate about it and said "one of them tried to disguise itself as a sushi with tuna around it!" She was amused and we both laughed. Then, she was gone, and I was in a car with a black lady that I went to a college class with. She was driving me home, with lots more copies of herself in the back seat. They were shouting that I was too far away to drive, but I said "Just take me to Strongsville, and I can get you home from there." Finally, she agreed, and she had to turn around, because she was on Rt. 24 North, which was not the road I told her to take.

Finally, I was walking home with Roomie, and I remember saying my dad told me we had to move. I don't remember him helping me pack, but he said something about a pet snake. But, when we got to the house, there was a plushie snaked stucking it's head out of a whole at the bottom of a side door, and I laughed. My dad moved it around, pretending it was real and I told him I wasn't fooled. I went in the front, and Roomie left. The house was totally different that I expected. It was an old fashioned cabin, but with a huge open room off the main area. There were two bedrooms, one for me and one for my dad with big windows.

Dad explained we still needed furniture, and I made some suggestions. We could put the TV in the big area near the front, and lots of chairs. But I wanted cubicle walls to have my own office for working on things, but still in a position for me to see the TV. I continued to make plans for my dad, including where to put the fireplace.

And then, FINALLY, I woke up.

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