Dream Journal

I like to keep track of my dreams, so I will move them all here in case someone would like to read them :)


38. Back to School

I had a dream last night that I had to go back to high school for some reason. I think I needed more training or something. So I was in homeroom, and we were all sitting in a big gym. Our teacher was Zachary Quinto, and he was talking about something math-related. I was the only one paying attention, because he was getting increasingly frustrated with the class. He seemed to notice I was the only one paying attention, because he stopped talking and came over to sit next to me.

We talked for a while about why I was in school and he offered me this bowl of bird seed. I ate some of it like popcorn, then he pulled out this old blanket. He said he needed to grade me on Perception, so I covered my eyes with the blanket and he pulled me around backwards using the blanket. He said to shout when I spotted a place to turn, but I never found any places so I just was dragged around the gym floor for a while.

At least I woke up feeling good because Zach is my favorite.

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