Dream Journal

I like to keep track of my dreams, so I will move them all here in case someone would like to read them :)


11. Back and Forth

My dream last night was so scattered, it hardly made sense.

I dreamed I was standing in front of Wonka’s Factory like in the original movie with Gene Wilder. There was a huge protest and me and a group of people had planned to push our way through the crowd. Well, the plan went awry when I was the only one to do it and I knocked some people over and they got hurt. Then I as at my house and people were coming through the door carrying groceries. I knocked them over too and poked them with my foot and they didn’t move. I was hungry so I made some mac and cheese and I was thinking “Man my mom will be mad when she comes home and sees these people on the floor. Of course she was and she wanted an explanation. So I tried explaining, but I kept getting my stories confused. She refused to listen after a while and I kept saying “Please listen! It was all an accident!” 

Then suddenly I was a cartoon Professor Oak running around with a cartoon Professor Birch. We ran up and big spiral and fell down.

Then I was talking to someone that I couldn’t see while I was seeing myself talk. I was trying to explain the situation and how my mom didn’t listen. I was outside sitting on some grass and I couldn’t see who I was talking to. I began thinking that I wish I could see them as I watched myself talk. Then it switched to first person view and I realized I was talking to a Charmander. I gasped and pulled out a compact mirror from somewhere and looked at myself. I had spiked yellow hair!

I rushed back to my house somehow, returning to normal, and shouted for my mom to listen. I said “I know why none of this makes sense! I can prove it! This is all a dream!” She still refused to listen, but I realized that I would just wake up in a few minutes and not be in any trouble at all.

I was so relieved in the dream and woke up with a stuffed up nose.

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