Take Me or Leave Me

Sierra Williams is becoming a pop star in the United States. She isn't too famous yet but she will be when she finds out she is chosen to go on tour with One Direction as the opening act. Is a friendship between one of the boys and Sierra sprouting? Possibly a relationship?


3. Showtime

It was almost time for the show to start. Backstage, we all huddled in a circle and talked about the night. It ended with Harry saying, "Let's do this poo." I walked by the stage and took a microphone. The lights dimmed in the auditorium and I walked out on the stage. The crowd screamed and I smiled and waved.

"Hello Los Angeles! How's everybody doing tonight?"

They screamed back.

"Well my name is Sierra Williams and I'm here, opening for 5 very special boys called One Direction!" They screamed louder.

"They will be here later but for now, who's ready for some music?"

I smiled and the music began. I walked down the stairs, singing like we rehearsed. I got the crowd clapping to the beat and waving their arms.

"La la la la, la la la la" I sang until the song ended. The audience whistled and yelled. I sang a couple more songs and finally, it was One Direction time.

"Now all of you have been waiting for this moment. Oh, wait." I look to the side of the stage. "It seems like their flight got delayed and they might be a little late? Well, they need to be here right? How about we all yell 'One Direction' on 3 and see if they come? Ready? One, Two, Three. ONE DIRECTION." I turned around and there were the boys "flying" down to the stage. They unhooked their cables and walked up the stage. Louis put his arm around me and said, "Everybody give it up for Sierra Williams!"

I bowed and walked off the stage, waving and smiling.

Paul came up to me and told me to get ready for the big finale. I nodded and walked back to my dressing room and changed into my other dress. It was light blue and a bit snug. It was a halter top and it came down inbetween my knees and hips. I put a cute little grey cardigan over it, with a long necklace. I slipped on some grey Toms. The hairdressers recurled my hair and did my makeup.

I walked back to the stage and waited for the song to end. It was fun to watch them perform. Niall was jumping  5 feet in the air, Louis was spinning, Harry was grabbing Liam's bum, Zayn was facing the wall behind them and Liam was trying to be serious. The music stopped and the audience cheered. The boys introduced me again and I walked back on stage, smiling.  

"Are you all ready?" Harry yelled.

The crowd went wild, screaming and whistling and yelling. I had to cover my ears. The music for What Makes You Beautiful started and I swear, the roof could've blown off the place. Liam started singing and me and the boys started dancing. We did the Inbetweeners dance, Stop the Traffic, Let Em Through and hip thrusts. We all joined in at the chorus and kept dancing until it was Harry's solo. Louis snuck up behind them and ripped his shirt off. Harry sang his solo with no shirt on and I'm sure all the girls loved it. At the end of the song, we all took a bow and waved and smiled. I blew a kiss out to the audience.

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