Take Me or Leave Me

Sierra Williams is becoming a pop star in the United States. She isn't too famous yet but she will be when she finds out she is chosen to go on tour with One Direction as the opening act. Is a friendship between one of the boys and Sierra sprouting? Possibly a relationship?


4. Only The Beginning

I followed my security guards through the hallways to get outside to our tour bus. I found my phone and tweeted "Great first show! SUPER loud but i love it! :) the boys were amazing as always!" I smiled and put my phone away. We walked outside and there were a ton of fans waiting for me. I signed a couple pictures and shook a few hands. I walked into the limo and we drove to the hotel we were staying at. I had to be careful walking through here because there were triple the amount of people that I just saw, waiting for me and One Direction. I smiled for a couple pictures as I walked by. I took the elevator up to my room and sat down on my bed. I looked out the window nearby and saw One Direction's bus pull up. The fans were taking a milllion pictures and screaming so loud, I could hear it on the top floor. Somehow they made it through the doors, in the elevator and to their hotel room without getting hurt. Their room was right next to mine so, there was a door in the middle of the room connecting both rooms. I knocked on it and they let me in. 

"Great show tonight guys!" I smiled.

"I must say love, you did absolutely amazing." Liam said as he put his arm around me. 

"Aw thanks Liam." 

I slipped my shoes off because my feet got a couple blisters. I sat on the bed next to Zayn and sighed. 

"Big night for you?" he asked.

"The biggest." I looked at him.

"You get used to it. Trust me." He smiled and I laughed.


*Zayn's P.O.V.*

Wow. Sierra is gorgeous and really nice. She's an amazing singer too. I couldn't help but stare when she rehearsed earlier today. She was shining up there like she owned that stage. I like girls like that. 


*Niall's P.O.V.* 

I couldn't believe how great of a singer Sierra is. I think all of the boys were surprised. I hadn't heard any of her songs before but I had heard of her. 

I looked over at her and we made eye contact. She smiled at me and I smiled back. She has a beautiful smile. I wonder is she likes food....


*Sierra's P.O.V.*

Louis yelled, "I'm starving! Let's order a pizza."

Harry grabbed he phone and laid on the bed. "Hello I would like to order two large pizza's. One pepperoni and one cheese."

Niall mouthed YES.

"Yes. Yep. Room 410. At the W Hotel. Thank you." he put the phone back. 

"I hope you don't mind the choices. Liam loves pepperoni." Louis looked at me. "And Niall eats anything."

"Oh I don't mind! I love pizza." I smiled.

Louis jumped on the other bed. "HARRY! Join me."

Louis and Harry had a special bromance going on. I think they call it "Larry Stylinson." Cute name actually. Harry jumped on the bed with Louis and they smiled at each other. I had to shake my head and smile at those two. 



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