Take Me or Leave Me

Sierra Williams is becoming a pop star in the United States. She isn't too famous yet but she will be when she finds out she is chosen to go on tour with One Direction as the opening act. Is a friendship between one of the boys and Sierra sprouting? Possibly a relationship?


2. Meeting 1D

"Sierra! Get in the limo." Paul yelled.

I looked in the mirror and fixed my hair one last time. I walked out to the limo with my security guards walking behind me. I took one step outside and I was blinded by the papparazzi waiting outside. I smiled and waved as I slipped onto the limo. I felt special riding in my own limo. It was a long flight here from Florida but I finally get to meet up with the boys from One Direction. We drove to rehearsal and I got to take a secret passageway from the back to get to the dressing rooms. I screamed when I saw the boys and ran up to them. I shook their hands, "You're Liam."

"Hello." He smiled.

"And you're Niall." I said turning to Niall.


"And you're Zayn!"

"Hey. It's nice to meet you." He smiled.

"You're Harry."

"Hello, love."

"And you're Louis!" I smiled.

"Ahh, what the heck!" Louis said and he pulled me into a hug.

"I can't believe I'm meeting One Direction." I took a step back.

"And I can't believe we're meeting Sierra Williams!" Louis screamed. I laughed along with the boys.

"Boys, meet Paul, my agent." I directed to Paul.

"Sierra, meet Paul, our security guard/babysitter." Liam directed to their Paul.

The Paul's shook hands and I couldn't help but chuckle. I was told it was time for me to rehearse so I was handed a microphone and lead to the stage.

"Can we watch?" I heard Niall ask. The boys sat in the front row and I smiled at them. I walked behind the stairs and when the music started, I walked down the stairs, singing.

"I knew it, knew it, you had me in love but you blew it, blew it" I sang as the boys screamed. I finished my song and they screamed and whistled and went crazy. I started laughing and finished working on the rest of my songs.

I walked back to my dressing room while the boys rehearsed and I chose my outfit while they were doing my hair and makeup. I slipped in to my dress; strapless, right above the knee, yellow, brown belt around the stomach, flowing at the bottom, with a jean jacket over it. They curled my hair and put on some eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, and blush. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled.

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