Take Me or Leave Me

Sierra Williams is becoming a pop star in the United States. She isn't too famous yet but she will be when she finds out she is chosen to go on tour with One Direction as the opening act. Is a friendship between one of the boys and Sierra sprouting? Possibly a relationship?


6. Fly Me to Denver

The alarm went off and I hit snooze. I was not a morning person. I hear the door open and some people come in. I pull my blankets up and hope it's just someone who will leave me alone. But actually, a guitar starts strumming and I hear people singing. Maybe I'm just imagining this or something but it sounds pretty real.

"It's time to get up, in the morning." They are singing. They sing quietly until 2 people jump on my bed and they all start screaming.


I jump up and see that Louis is next to my ear. Liam and Harry are jumping on the bed and Niall is holding a guitar.

"What are you doing?!" I say.

"Just waking you up. We're gonna be late!" Louis smiles.

"But we have two hours!" I look at the clock.

"Mhmm. Don't wanna be late." Liam pretends to look at a watch on his wrist.

"Where's Zayn?" I ask.

"Oh we let him sleep in. Needs his beauty rest." Louis explains.

"So do I." I fly back under the covers and hide myself.

All of the sudden, I'm being picked up and I look up to see I'm hanging over Liam's shoulder. They carry me into the bathroom.

"Put me down!" I yell, laughing.

They set me down and splash cold water on my face. My jaw drops from the freezing water.

"Just a morning face wash." Louis smiles.

Next they grab my toothbrush and squeeze on some toothpaste.

"Okay! Boys, boys, I can handle it from here." I throw my hands in front of them.

I brush my teeth and throw my hair up in a bun. I put on some quick makeup. I walk out and to my suitcase. I slip on my Jack Willis sweatshirt and some Victoria's Secret Pink sweatpants. I slide on some Uggs and shove all my stuff in the suitcase. It doesn't seem to fit so I call out, "BOYS!" They come running and I tell them I need help with my suitcase. Louis and Liam sit on it, while Harry and Zayn pull the zipper.

"That was easier than I thought." I said brushing my hands off.

"We're here whenever you need us!" Louis said. I smiled and him and took the suitcase off my bed. I wheeled it to the elevator and Paul got in behind me. I wanted to see some of my fans and sign a couple things, it was just the nice thing to do.

The elevator opened and my jaw dropped. There were like, a million people waiting for One Direction or me. Security was trying to hold everybody back. When I stepped out of the elevator, the crowd screamed. I smiled and walked up to a little girl in the front row.

"Sierra! Sierra! Can you please sign this?" She held out a picture of me and the boys.

"Of course sweetie! What's your name?" I bent down to her level.


I signed: to Abigail, Love, Sierra. "There you go!" She screamed and I couldn't help but laugh. I signed a few other things before I had to go. I blew a kiss to the crowd and they went wild. I don't know what's going to happen when One Direction comes out. It was already loud enough.

I walked out to the back parking lot and a taxi was waiting for me. I slid in and we drove to the airport. I took a step out of the taxi and was immediately surrounded by paparazzi and screaming fans. The police were trying to make room for me to walk but it was almost impossible. I was bombarded with questions and pictures and screams in my ear. It took at least 5 minutes to get through the door. I got my ticket and practically ran to the private jet. I ran into the jetway and luckily everyone was stopped by the security. I sighed and walked into the plane. And onto my seat. A couple minutes later, the boys ran on. Liam and Niall sat next to me. The other 3 boys sat across from us.

"Ugh, I'm so tired." I whined.

"Then go to sleep!" Liam suggested.

"Fine..." I squinted my eyes and leaned back in my seat.

I woke up about two hours later. I looked out my window and I saw we were about to land. The runway got closer and closer. We slowed to a stop and the captain announced that we could get up. I reached for my suitcase sitting above me. It quickly fell down from it being really heavy. The boys chuckled behind me. I rolled my eyes and carried my bag out of the plane. The flight attendant gave me a really weird look but I figured she was just a rude person in general. The boys kept laughing behind me and I quickly turned around to give them a confused look. They stopped laughing and pretended to look around. I patted my head to see if my hair looked weird or something. Felt fine to me. I kept walking onto the jetway and into the airport. Everyone I passed kept staring at me and suddenly, I felt insecure. I saw Paul waiting for me and his eyebrows raised.

"Why does everybody keep looking at me?" I asked.

"Probably because you've seem to have grown some facial hair.." He replied, looking at my lips.

The boys burst into laughter and I quickly grabbed a mirror out of my purse. I looked at my lips and right above, there was a mustache drawn with Sharpie. I screamed and covered my lips. The boys started to laugh even harder and I quickly turned around and gave them a glare.

"Boys!" I shouted.

"Wow Sierra. Great mustache!" Zayn shouted.

"Zayn Malik, who did this?" I cocked my head sideways. They all pointed to Louis and he pointed to an old guy walking by.

I rolled my eyes and laughed.


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