Take Me or Leave Me

Sierra Williams is becoming a pop star in the United States. She isn't too famous yet but she will be when she finds out she is chosen to go on tour with One Direction as the opening act. Is a friendship between one of the boys and Sierra sprouting? Possibly a relationship?


1. Finding Out

I had been waiting all day for my agent, Paul, to tell me what the big announcement is. Finally, it was time for the meeting and we all gathered  in a room. I sat up front at the table with my mom, facing the papparazzi. It was big news, so a lot of them showed up.

"Hello everybody. You've all been waiting to here this announcement we've been talking about so here it is." Paul paused. "Sierra Williams will be the opening act for One Direction on their tour!"

My jaw dropped and the flashing lights were everywhere. The papparazzi took a ton of pictures and asked questions all at once.

"Okay, okay. Calm down everyone. One question at a time." Paul announced.

I pointed to a guy in the front.

"Sierra, how do you feel right now? You've just found out you are going on tour with One Direction." He asked.

"Well, this is a really big step in my career and it's an honor to open for One Direction. Since they are really, really popular, it will be so much fun to see all their fans and some of mine. Plus, I've heard they are really fun guys and they like to prank people. So, fingers crossed that I'm not too humiliated." I smiled, as I crossed my fingers.

I looked over at Paul, who gave me two thumbs up. I smiled back.

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