Could It Be Fate?

This is a One Direction fan fic.
Camille was your average 18 yr old girl. Her younger sister Violet is obsessed with One Direction yet she doesnt see the big deal. But what happens when one direction moves into the same building as her and she meets the charming Louis Tomlinson?


8. Water Balloons and Phone Calls

~Louis POV~

  I woke up with Cam curled up against my chest, I smiled. This felt so right, like it was meand to be. I sighed and shook my head. What about Eleanor? I didn't love Eleanor any less, did I? I havent seen her since we got back together 2 days ago. I decided to shoot her a text


Hey babe! I miss you lots! How about dinner and a movie tomorrow night? Say 5-ish? I love you!

I instantly got a reply

From:Eleanor <3

Hey baby! I miss you too! I'd love to go to dinner and a movie but I cant :( I have a meeting with this modeling agency! Im soo sorry baby! I love you too! I gotta go byyyyeeee!!!!!!!!!

I sighed, I truly do love and miss her but Cam and I just have this connection. I looked down at her again and kissed her head. I slowly got up, being careful not to wake her. I walked into the kitchen and began cooking pancakes, sausage, and bacon. I'm not the best cook in the house, Harry, but I'm not the worst either that would be Zayn. I glanced at the timer, Niall would be up any minute now. He always wakes up to the smell of food.

*45 Minutes Later*

Niall had just come down the stairs. Thankfully he had yogo pants on so he didnt have to go back upstairs and put some on. Usually its not a big deal that we're in our boxers but with Cam around we figured it'd be best to wear more than that. I set out all the food on the island.

Niall came wandering in"Yum FOOD!!"

"Shhhh Niall, Cam and the boys are still sleeping!" I laughed

"No just Cam" he replied before shoving his face full of food.

The other boys came running down the steps shoving eachother to get here before Niall ate it all. Good thing I made enough to feed 10 instead of 6. They all sat down and started eating.

"Save some for Cam!"I turned towards the fridge to get a drink

"Its ok *yawn* I'm up now!" She sat down next to Harry and began to put food on her plate

"Good morning sleeping beauty!" Harry kissed her cheek, I clenched my fist.

"Morning handsome!" she ruffled his hair and turned to me,"Can you grab me a carrot?"

I reached in and pulled two out"There you go, Carrot Princess!"She chuckled and the boys looked at me, eyes widened."What?"

"You NEVER share your carrots!"Liam stated

"Well Cam's special"she blushed and I sighed

"I'm not?" Harry asked looking hurt

"Your special too! Larry Stylinson, remember?" I winked and hugged him. I heard a click and we turned to Cam

~Camille's POV~

I snapped a picture of them and tweeted (Cam's username is made up)@Camille_Jones:Larry Stylinson is real! @Louis_Tomlin and @Harry_Styles #LarryStylinson.

I looked up to see them looking at me with raised eyebrows"What?!" There phones beeped and then they glared at me.

All of the sudden they got up and I ran into the living room. I was tackled to the ground, thankfully my head didnt hit the floor. I looked up to see Lou and Hazza sitting on me.

"Urg, get off!" I said inbetween breathes

"Apologize!" Harry glared

"NEVER!" I screamed and winced, they were pretty heavy for a small girl like me

"Then we're NEVER getting off!" Lou smirked

"ZA-"Lou put his hand over my mouth and I wiggled my eyebrows

"Dont you d-" I licked his hand and he jerked it away," EWWW CAM! YOUR GRODY!"

I laughed at his little kid voice" ZAYN HELP ME!!!!!!!"

Lou and Hazza smirked"Whats Zayn gonna do?"

Zayn walked into the room," Vas Happenin?" he asked and started to throw water ballons at them

"That!" I smirked and they got off me, running straight to the bathroom,"Thanks Zayn!"

"No problem but we should run now" He handed me a few water balloons and we ran outside

I climed a tree and sat there waiting for Lou and Hazza to walk by. I looked down and realized they were only in yoga pants. Damn they were really fit!  I shook my head and pelted the water balloons at them. I looked around. SHIT! I couldnt get down cause they were at the bottom of the tree.

"We've got you surronded, put down your weapons and come on down" Harry sounded like a cop

I laughed" I'll put them down alright,"I threw my last ones at them"Now I'll come down!"

I started to climb down the tree and winked at Zayn who was in the tree next to me. They we're smart but I was smarter.I jumped down and landed with a thud.

"OWWWW!!! Lou, Hazza, I think I broke my ankle!" I fake sobbed

They dropped their water balloons and ran over"Oh my god! We have to get you to a hospital" Lou started to freak out and I continued to fake sob.

Zayn snuck down out of his tree and grabbed the water balloons they dropped.

"Or not!" I got up and ran

"HEY! YOU TRICKED US!" Harry screamed running after me

He grabbed my waist and we fell to the ground. I looked down and realized I was ontop of him. We layed there for a second starring into eachothers eyes. We leaned in and kissed. I bit his lip asking for entrence and he allowed me to. We must've been making out for a while cause Lou walked over and coughed.

We pulled apart,"So uh I need to call Mrs.Denmark and a lawyer." I got up and dusted myself off

"Yeah, we'll call the lawyer, you just worry about Mrs.Denmark" Liam said and walked over to us. I nodded and walked off to get my phone

I grabbed it off the ground and dialled her number. I waited for her to answer

One ring.....

Two rings....

Three rings..

"Hello darling" she answered

"Hey Mrs.Denmark,sorry I didnt call yesterday, we were just so busy trying to get Violet back!" I stammered, my eyes filling with tears.

"Its fine sweetheart! How'd it go?" she asked

"Not to well. The boys are calling a lawyer now so we'll have to wait and see." I looked down at my feet. Dont cry, dont cry!

"Alright sweetie, I have a meeting to go to but let me know if you need anything. We're always here for you."I smiled they were amazing!

"Thanks that means alot to me" I replied walking back over to the boys

"Its the truth sweetie. Love you"I heard her sigh, I knew she missed my mum too.

"Love you too! Bye!" I hung up

"So we called a lawyer and he said he wants to meet us tomorrow, if thats ok?"Zayn said putting his arm over my shoulder.

"Thats great!"I said

"If you dont mind us asking, what happened to your mum?" Niall asked and Lou elbowed him in the ribs

"She, uh,"I blinked back the tears,"Died of cancer 2 years ago" I started to loose control and a tear rolled down my cheek. I wiped it away quickley!

"Oh Cam! We're so sorry"They pulled me into a group hug and I sighed. I loved all of these boys! They're not like I thought they would be. I dont know what I'd do without them!

Written by: CarrotPrinceandPrincess

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