Could It Be Fate?

This is a One Direction fan fic.
Camille was your average 18 yr old girl. Her younger sister Violet is obsessed with One Direction yet she doesnt see the big deal. But what happens when one direction moves into the same building as her and she meets the charming Louis Tomlinson?


10. The Lawyer

AN: Hey everyone! I'm so sorry I havent updated in a while! With school going on and having to go to the doctors constantly I've been too busy! Hopefully that'll change soon! But I promise to make this chapter really long! Thanks for reading and commenting! If you havent then please do comment! I enjoy the feedback and advice!
P.S: This chapter starts the next day just cause I'm having a writters block sorry!


~Camille's POV~

I was running. Running through the woods screaming for help. He had found me. Now he had come to kill me. He grabbed my arm and I knew it was over.

"I told you I'd find you!" he growled and turned me to face him. It was dark so all I could see was his yellow teeth.(Gross right?)


"Its too late, no one's here to save you! Now its time you met the same fate she did." He laughed like the physco the was.

 I screamed at the top of my lungs. I knew I was gonna die but that doesnt mean I'm going to stop trying to live. I continued to scream, hoping someone would hear me.

~Louis POV~

 I woke up and joined the boys on the couch with a bag of carrots in my hand. Niall was flipping through the channels until he landed on a horror movie. I heard a scream and assumed it was from the girl on the tellie but I never saw her lips open. Maybe I wasnt paying attention to the movie too well. The scene changed but we continued to hear a scream. Thats when it hit me. I jumped off the couch and started running down the hall.

"Lou whats wrong? Its just the movie" Harry and the boys got up and followed me

"No its Cam. No one is screaming on the tellie." I ran towards Cam's room, the boys on my heel.

I flung the door open and scanned the room. Camille was still in her bed asleep but screaming at the top of her longs. I jumped onto the bed and tried to wake her

"DONT TOUCH ME! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!" I saw a tear slip down her cheak as her arms flung to hit me and she began kicking

"Love, its just a dream please wake up!" A tear slipped down my cheek, I've never seen her like this

"NO....PLEASE NO! How did  you find me!" she continued to scream

"Camille, your having a bad dream! Please wake up, your safe. I-We wont let anyone hurt you" I looked at the boys eyes full of panick.

Her eyes fluttered open and she looked frightned. I wrapped her in my arms and hummed How To Save A Life. She relaxed and I kissed her forehead.

"Cam are you ok?" Harry sat down on the bed with us and took her hand

She wiped a tear away,"I'm fine, just a bad dream.Probably from those horror movies last night!"

I looked at the boys and they nodded. She was lying of course"Ok well Harry was going to make pancakes if thats ok?"

"Sounds great! Let me run to the loo and I'll be down in a sec." She fake smiled and it killed me

"Sure babe." Harry kissed her cheek and we left her room

~Camille's POV~

I couldnt tell them. Not yet at least. They're already worried about me enough, I dont want them to worry anymore. I've caused so much trouble for them, yet they dont mind. These boys were different from what I thought they'd be. I've only known them for a week and yet they're my best friends. I love them all and I hate they have to go on tour soon.. I got up and went to the bathroom. I washed the tear stains off my cheeks and put my contacts in. I slipped on my slippers and headed down stairs.

"Yummy!" I said as I walked into the kitched and smelt pancakes

"Help yourself we have pancakes, bacon,egss, and sausage.!" Harry pointed to all the food

I started filling up my plate and my stomach growled. I was absoloutley starving!  I feel as if I havent eaten in ages!

"Slow your roll, Niall!" Harry chuckled

"I'm....*chew* not....*chew*Niall!" I swallowed the pancake

"Girl have some manners!" Louis teased in a high pitched sassy tone

I burst out laughing! Trying not to choke,"Yes my Queen of Sass!"

Louis glared"That would be King!"

"Not with a high pitched voice!"He slapped my arm for that one."Dont hit me while I'm eating!"

"Who's gonna stop me?"He went to hit my arm again my I grabbed his hand right before he did and pushed it backwards, causing him to fall off the chair.

"You were saying?" I said in my best sassy tone, I looked at the others and they're eyes were wide and trying not to laugh

"Woah, little girl has ninja skills!" Harry said and patted me on the back

"Well I am a third degree black belt in Jujutsu!" I said and reached down to help Louis up

He took my hand and pulled me down with him"Im not down until I'm out"

"Louis that makes no sense!" I pushed myself off him

"Yes it does" he argued

"No it doesnt!"Why was I waisting my time arguing

"Yes it does"He pouted

"No it doesnt" I groaned and rolled my eyes

"Ye-" he was cut short

"Guys! Act your age for once! Especially you Louis! Your almost 21!" Liam walked over to the dishwasher and put the dishes away

"Your no fun Li-Li!"I pouted

"Cam-Cam I can be fun but we have to meet your lawyer soon!" he stated and I facepalmed myself. How could I have forgotten?

I groan,"I guess we should go get ready then? You are coming with me right?"

"Of course we will. I'll give him a call and let him know we'll be there in an hour!" With that Liam dialled his number and left the room.

We stood there in silence for a moment. I looked at them feeling a bit awkward and walked up stairs to get ready. I wonder who my lawyer is, and how much I'll have to pay him. I slipped on my lavender ruffled tank top, grey skirt, and black heels. I walked into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I decided to curl the ends of my hair and pull it back into a pony tail. I carefully applied mascara,eyeshadow,eyeliner, and lipstick. My hands shook as I applied my makeup, I dont know why I was so nervous. Before walking downstairs I did a double take of how I looked and then grabbed my purse. I noticed all the boys sitting on the couch waiting except for Zayn.

"What's taking Zayn so long?" I asked walking into the room. They jumped, I guess they didnt hear me coming, even with my heels on.

"He had to "perfect" his quiff!"Liam did the quotes with his finger

"ZAYN YOU LOOK FINE, C'MON ALREADY!" I turned and shouted up the stairs


I rolled my eyes and headed for the door,"Who's car are we taking?"

"We'll take the limo, Paul doesnt want us to take seperate cars and all of us have small cars so we would have to take two."Niall said as he came out of the kitchen with chips.

We walked out the door and Harry pulled me to his side. He mumbled something to me as we walked outside but I didnt hear him over the screaming girls. I didnt realize the paparazi until I heard a click and then a flash went off. I blinked and slid my shades on. I never understood why the paps were so nosey. The fans asked for autographs and tried to grab the boys. Some of the security gaurds came up and surrounded us. They hurried us along and opened the limo doors for us. Liam slid in first, then Niall, Zayn, Louis, Harry and then me. Somehow I ended up between Louis and Harry even though I was the last one in. You could just feel the tension in the air. Harry wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. I sighed and curled into him. Louis rolled his eyes and pulled out his phone. I felt somewhat guilty but Louis had no reason to be upset. These boys were so complicated. I closed my eyes, deciding to rest them for a few minutes.

*35 minutes later*

I was gently being shaken awake. I opened my eyes and realized the car was stopped. I groaned and sat up.

"I'm so sorry Harry, I didnt mean to fall asleep on you!" I began to ramble on and on saying sorry!

He leaned forward and gave me a peck on the lips,"Its fine, but we're here now."

I nodded and he opened up the doors. He extended his hand out to me and I took it. We stepped out of the car and there were no screaming girls. I sighed in relief,they were beginning to give me a head ache. The door read Larry Dolce DA and #1 Lawyer. My jaw dropped. How was I going to be able to afford him?

"C'mon babe he's not the one to wait." Harry pulled me inside

Liam walked up to the assitants desk,"What?" she snapped

"We're here to see Mr.Dolce?" Liam politley replied

"Do you have an appointment?"She rolled her eyes and began filing her nails.

"Yea its under Camille Jones" I could tell Liam was getting offended by her lack of curdousy.

"Ah, you may go in." she replied after checking her computer

We walked in to an empty room. We decided to sit down and wait for him. I mean I know we are a little late but he should still be in here waiting. I groaned and slouched in my seat. I heard the door click open and shut and sat up. Larry Dolce wasnt what you pictured. He was very fit and look about 30 or so. I was quiete impressed. I straightned up in my seat.

"Hello, I'm Larry Dolce, sorry I'm late!"He slid into his seat

"Its fine, we were only a few minutes late ourselves." I fiddled with my hands in my lap

"Ah, I see, well you must be Camille right? I'm pretty sure thats not one of these guys names." His eyes scanned over the boys

"Yeah thats me, and these are just my friends." My hand started to shake and Harry held it

"Alright well tell me about your situation and I'll see what I can do."He leaned back into his chair and pulled out a pad of paper and a pen.

"Well Dan, my father, left us when I was 10, so it was just my mom, my little sister Violet, and I. Then my mom...."I started to choke on my tears,"died of cancer two years ago leaving me to care for my sister. Dan hadnt been in our lives in 8 years, till a couple of weeks ago that is. I had just met these goons," I pointed at the boys and they all gasped with fake hurt expressions,"and I had dropped Violet off at her friends. When I came back later that day, Mrs.Denmark had said Dan showed up and took her away. So I met up with him the next day in a sub shop and he refused to give her back."

"Hmmmm, well I'd be more than happy to represent you in court. BUT it might take a while to get all of this settled." He pulled out papers for me to sign

"Ok, so how much will this cost me?" I asked while flipping through the papers

"We'll determine that if, I mean when, we win!" He said and I signed the papers

"Plus Cam we'll be paying for him, not you!" Louis said as we said our goodbyes and headed back to the limo.

"You dont have to do that, y'all have already done so much for me!" I tried to argue but the boys just shook their heads.

"We want to though and you cant stop us!" Harry grinned as we slid into the limo

"*sigh* Fine but I'll find a way to pay you back!" I slouched and leaned against Harry propping my feet on Louis.

"Hey I'm not a foot rest!"Louis shoved my feet off his lap

"But Lou I'm tiiirrreeeeddd!" I whined and did a puppy face

"Fine but only this time AND no more puppy face!" He picked my feet up and set them on his lap.

I yawned as they started to talk about random things. Before I knew it I was drifting off to sleep.....again. I tried fighting it but I couldnt, so I gave in and let the darkness surround me.

Author's Note: Sorry its a long filler chapter but I'm having a major writters block. Thinking about deleting this story and starting a completley different story, any thoughts? Review lovelies please! :3 Also due to how many stories are getting stolen I'll be putting random copy right things on.

Posted 10/6/12 and Written by CarrotPrinceandPrincess

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